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  1. Hi All! Wondering if I might be able to get some insight on this offer in family medicine in Florida. Flat Hourly of $44 with monthly bonus of 20% of net gross CPT procedural coding minus $15,392 taken monthly. 14 days PTO with increasing 1 day PTO per year worked. $1500 CME $300 monthly toward health insurance. Cell phone provided. Malpractice covered.
  2. Thank you! Awesome, can't wait to meet you! How long after you got the acceptance call did it take to get the email from Kyle?
  3. I got a call today that I was accepted!! Can't wait to be part of this program! They told us at the interview on the 9th that they were hoping to fill the class with our session and then build the waitlist from the upcoming interview.
  4. For those who have already interviewed this year, are the interview portions group or individual? How many people were at the interview session?
  5. Just cancelled my interview here for Nov. 5th. Was accepted somewhere else. Good luck to everyone else!
  6. Received a phone call yesterday for an invite to interview on 11/5!
  7. For those who are already accepted for this year, do you have any advice or tips for interviews? What was their set up?
  8. Did you apply and interview last year as well?
  9. Received a phone call about noon yesterday. Interviewed 9/14 and was accepted 9/18!
  10. I was offered an interview for Feb. 9th!
  11. I received an interview invite today through email! I applied to Franklin on 8/1!
  12. @oliviapa @Rachelpa Congrats! When did you get verified and if you don't mind me asking, what were your stats?
  13. Congrats! Do you mind sharing when you were verified and what your stats are?
  14. Thought I would start this years thread. Has anyone heard anything yet?
  15. Kind of. Sophomore year I had a C in organic chem. Then junior year is a bit weird. I was injured during basketball season, had to have surgery, and missed a lot of school. My grades suffered that semester. The second semester of junior year I studied abroad so I do not have a GPA for those classes. My senior year, I earned a 4.0 first semester and 3.7 second semester.
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