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  1. I was accepted into Chatham, I likely have to give up my spot in the coming weeks so whoever is first on the waitlist, keep look out for an e-mail or call!
  2. Got accepted from the March 1st interview! So excited to start in May!
  3. I'm curious as to why they are still doing interviews so late. Have a lot of people turned down their acceptance?
  4. Bad news, I just got word the class is filled. I am 3rd on the waitlist. Any chance there are some people on here who might plan on backing out?
  5. Congrats! What number were you on the waitlist? And did you e-mail/call them asking for updates after being put on the list or did they just contact you? Thanks!
  6. Anybody else get an interview for March 1st? I was surprised the class isn't filled up yet
  7. Hey guys. So I recently have been accepted to a program I really love but it's so expensive so I was going to give Findlay a chance but it's a long drive for me and on a day I have some other stuff going on and I can't decide if I should go to the interview. Realistically my other program is in a nicer area and a city I love whereas I don't know much about Findlay. Can someone tell me about their experience at Findlay? Did you love it? How was the teaching style, facilities, clinical rotations, faculty, city of findlay, campus etc.? Thanks for any info you might have from a previous interview or if you actually attended the school.
  8. Really?! That is good to hear, thank you! I hope it does this year too.
  9. I interviewed on November 6th and got the e-mail about the alternate list yesterday. Aw thank you, I hope you hear back soon!
  10. I've been put on the alternate list
  11. Does anybody know if this interview is traditional, behavioral, MMI, situational, etc.? Thanks for any info!
  12. I just got an interview invite on Friday with multiple November/December options (usually a Tuesday or sometimes a Friday option). I chose November 6th! Good luck everybody
  13. Thank you!! Overall GPA: 3.44 Science GPA: 3.29 PCE: about 600 hours working in home as a patient care provider for a boy with severe CP HCE: volunteered in a hospital, worked for Gift of Life: Marrow Registry Volunteer: Probably about 200+ hours with various organizations My stats aren't that great and I was super nervous so I worked really hard on my personal statement and prepped for weeks prior to my interview and I think I did really well on it which led to my acceptance. So if you don't have great stats keep your head up, you can do it if you work hard!
  14. I haven't gotten an email yet either, I'm anxious for all the details!
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