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  1. Got an interview today and the slot left was for January 15! Coming from Florida! anyone familiar with there interview process?!
  2. Well Magoosh is where I started and I didn't really feel as it t helped as much as other people but then again everyone is different in the way they learn. I am in the same boat and feel really discouraged but we can't give up! We have to fight for what we want. Im considering more schools now that don't require the GRE and also trying to figure out how I can improve my GRE score before even considering taking it again. Remember its not a race to get there and everyone is different!
  3. If you don't mind sharing what was your score and GPA?
  4. Well, I studied for about 4 months the first time and then a month about the others and I was getting decent scores on the practice test days leading up to the exams so I felt confident. However, my test scores said otherwise! I might have to consider a tutor or in person prep course but It's so expensive and wanted to avoid that route. I have been studying for 2 months so far before the next exam but my practice scores haven't increased so I might consider pushing the exam back until I see a change in score! Thank you for the advice!
  5. Hey everyone! I need some advice, I've taken the GRE 3 Times and couldn't get passed a 287... I am feeling really discouraged at the moment and was planning on taking it again in October but I feel as much as I am studying and preparing I am not improving. This cycle I've applied to only 2 schools that don't require the GRE outstate and haven't heard back yet. However, my top choices are in Florida because I live here and most of them require the GRE! Has anyone been in this similar situation before? I know the GRE isn't everything on the application but under 290 is super low and I know better than to apply with that score. I tried Magoosh and Manthann prep and multiple book guides. ANY ADVICE WILL HELP! Thanks guys ?
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