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  1. I second paying more attention to tuition costs prior to even applying to any programs. I only got accepted into one program after applying to twelve and of course it was the most expensive...I’ll be out around $190,000 when this is all said and done, yay...
  2. I personally haven’t gone on any rotations yet but am in my last semester of didactic and start rotations in Feb. I’ve boughten some scrubs for myself here and there from Uniform Advantage throughout didactic as they are fairly cheap but have only really wore them this semester during our skills labs. As for rotations, some sites will require you to wear scrubs (I can’t imagine you having to necessarily go buy brand new scrubs of a specific color if you are just rotating through for a few weeks but, I also wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case depending on the site...) and some may require more formal business attire. All in all I would say probably don’t go crazy buying higher end scrubs until you know where you’re going to work and that you can’t go wrong with navy blue or black if you do choose to purchase some.
  3. I think as of this year we were finally able to start getting some rotations through Sutter but who knows how long that will continue because I know there was talk about SMU being moved to a different building/facility not owned by Sutter in Oakland in the future. I would just also keep in mind the insane amount of pressure the faculty has been feeling right now trying to manage all 45 of us for this upcoming semester in terms of skills labs with Covid and social distancing as well as the stress of bringing in a new cohort of 45 students during Covid. They have been extremely busy and thus I would imagine them seeming kind of “off” as would any of us if we were put in their position! All in all I say they are doing a good job managing this craziness and I know we are on the way to getting our accreditation back but our next review isn’t even until next summer I believe.
  4. Hello, current student here. I completely understand your concerns and quite frankly felt the same before starting the program last fall after finding out we got put on probation a few months before our start date. With that being said, the faculty have been doing everything they can to get us back to full accreditation and I have no doubt that they will do so. As for rotations, no, you do not have to go find your own preceptors. In the Bay Area it is getting extremely competitive to have students in hospitals/clinics/etc. and some programs are going so far as to pay for their students to be able to learn from these facilities. SMU does not do this and quite frankly I don’t blame them. I personally am from Reno, NV and intend on doing all rotations here so I will probably have to help search for some of my rotations but that’s fine with me. We have a lot of alumni all across the country, including Hawaii where some students were offered rotations this year. Preceptorship in B Med never really existed prior to now because it wasn’t mandatory for us to take this as a rotation so I can’t speak much on that. Obviously everything is not perfect but I would guarantee that every other program struggles in some aspects so it all comes down to your preference! Hope this helps!
  5. I can’t really speak on this because I wasn’t waitlisted and a lot of my class were either accepted or were from the Fresno campus...I would assume that depending on the year it would be anywhere between 1-20 spots that come from the waitlist? But this is just me guessing/assuming and doesn’t really have any backing...sorry I’m not more helpful and best of luck! To add to this...I wouldn’t get discouraged because you honestly never know with the waitlist! A decent amount of people could get accepted elsewhere thus opening up your spot, so stay positive!
  6. Hey guys, current student. I was accepted and did not receive a phone call (I got an e-mail) so no, I wouldn’t say you are waitlisted if you didn’t get a call. As for not hearing about your status yet, try to keep in mind our faculty not only deals with admissions but most of them (including De Rosa) are our lecture professors. We have been pretty loaded with exams as of late and they have been working on scheduling for summer as well for us so just try to stay positive/patient! Fingers crossed you guys hear by the end of the week!
  7. Current student here: I interviewed last year and got done around 4:30/4:45 and flew out of Oakland airport around 6:00 I believe? It was “tight” but I made it and had plenty of time even after getting turned around at the airport. I brought my suitcase with me to the interview as well and was able to put it in a closet until I needed it which was very helpful! I would say to make sure you’re safe do a time closer to 7:00 because traffic is unpredictable and it’s better to be safe than sorry!
  8. Current student here! Our schedule is different every semester and is dependent upon when the faculty can meet with us for the most part. This semester for instance we have no class Friday but have class 1:00-6:00 two of the days, 9:30–11:30 and 6:00-8:00 on the same day (this is only due to the lecturer not being able to get work off and is rare) and one day 9:00-3:30...but I would say our schedule is fairly open/flexible compared to other programs but we do have more and more units each semester so it’s constantly going to be changing and getting busier!
  9. I faced the same dilemma as you before starting this September and although I don't regret my decision, I think about the debt almost every day. There is security in knowing the income for our profession should be decent enough to start paying off the debt "quickly" after graduation but that's definitely going to depend on your circumstances. I have no financial help from family and owe $26,000.00 from undergrad and am looking at around $200,000 (I am in the Bay area attending the only program I was accepted to) once I graduate. No, I won't be eating filet mignon anywhere in the near future and I intend to live with my boyfriends family after graduating to pay off the loans quickly, but I'm OK with that. Ultimately it's your decision and you have plenty of time to decide so do what's going to be best for you. Good luck!
  10. Hey guys, current student at SMU here...in class today (and weeks ago) we have had our professors mentioning that they have been reviewing thousands of applications so just hang in there! We are done with finals Dec 19/20 so hopefully you’ll hear soon after that!
  11. Accepted applicant from last cycle here! I didn’t receive my confirmation e-mail from SMU until 8/8/18 after submitting my app May 31. I didn’t receive an interview invitation until December 27th where I was able to choose between the three interview dates that were offered on Jan 19, 26, and Feb 2. I interviewed Jan 19 and was sent my acceptance Feb 21. I know waiting is dreadful but SMU does things a lot later than other schools so just try and have some patience! Good luck guys!
  12. I’ve been accepted since the beginning. I just talked to someone who was accepted to Fresno and she said that they received e mails saying something along the lines of their seat would be reserved for them for next year.
  13. They just e-mailed saying “I am writing to inform you that as a result of our recent accreditation site visit, the Samuel Merritt Master Physician Assistant program has been placed on probation. Probation is a temporary accreditation status that allows programs to address concerns or issues raised by our accreditors. The program remains accredited and students entering in 2019 are entering a fully accredited program. This is a 2-year process that will be completed prior to your anticipated graduation in 2021. Probationary status is an accreditation status without implications for licensing or certification. While this is a disappointing outcome, we have every confidence that we will clear this probation and our program will be strengthened in the process. We are receiving the full support of the University in addressing these issues in a timely fashion. Samuel Merritt has posted further information on its website at http://www.samuelmerritt.edu/physician_assistant/accreditation. Feel free to reach out to me at any time with questions. We look forward to working with you in the fall!” I was accepted to Oakland campus...not sure how to feel. Anyone else’s thoughts?
  14. I purchased the book mentioned and would have to say it helped put me at ease in terms of what to expect question wise and how to not totally butcher your responses if you’re nervous. The book gives you three responses to commonly asked questions and explains why which response is better, which I enjoyed. With that being said, it can only prepare you so much for the actual interview and you could potentially find practice questions and scenarios online as well depending on preference!
  15. Hello! I am 25 years old and will be starting PA school this September in the Bay Area! I applied to 11 programs last cycle but was ultimately only accepted here. While this program was the most expensive “option” of the schools I applied to (I stayed West coast only to be close to family/boyfriend) BUT, I truly felt encouraged after meeting the faculty and my potential classmates at this school so even though it’s expensive I’m happy with where I’ll be. I owe around $25,000 from my undergrad and that is growing thanks to interest and after crunching numbers for my two year program I will owe between $142,000-$152,000 (depending on if I do rotations in the bay or back home) after calculating both direct (tuition, student health insurance,etc.) and indirect costs (rent, gas, groceries, etc). This cost is relatively low compared to what it would have been if I chose to live nearer to campus (I’m living in Vallejo and will be commuting every day to Oakland to save ~$15,000 per year). All in all, I’ll owe close to $180,000 when I’m done with the program (probably more) but I’ve come to the realization that I just need to accept the debt and use it as a driving force to be successful in my career! Things to think about for paying the loans back: Dual income if you have a spouse or end up having a spouse down the line they can help significantly and yes, the first few years might suck living in a crappy apartment but the debt will slowly start disappearing. Per diem shifts to make some extra money and hammer out the debt. If a family member can help pay the interest payments when you’re in school that would be a big help in the long run! I personally hope to live with my boyfriends parents once I get my first job so the majority of my paycheck can go to loans (we live with them now for free). If you don’t plan on applying until next cycle then get two jobs and just save as much as you can! If I could go back, I would have moved in with my boyfriends parents much sooner to start saving (some people have thousands saved that they put towards the program which would have been extremely helpful). I’ve looked into some of the loan repayment options and I’m not a huge fan of all the regulations but if you are willing to relocate and or not be picky about your specialty you should be able to find a good paying job to start paying your loans back. Obviously I can’t predict the future or what it entails but, I FEEL YOU. Debt sucks, but being a PA will not!
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