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  1. I submitted May 15th and they sent an email for the interview!
  2. I just thought I would start a thread. I received an interview invite for June 26th about a week ago!
  3. I received an interview invite on Tuesday for July 16th, so excited!
  4. Hey everyone! Just thought I would start a new thread for this cycle! Good luck!!
  5. That is what I figured, I just wanted to make sure! Thank you for the advice!
  6. If we submitted our applications in May and haven't heard anything, is it appropriate to update Penn State on any additional hours/beneficial experiences? And if so, would it be advised to call or email?
  7. Has anyone received a rejection letter from the first interview date??
  8. They’re group interviews, I think 3 students and 2-3 interviewers but not positive!
  9. Yes! It is stated on their website. "The Yale PA Program utilizes a rolling admission process. This means that those who complete their applications first (verified CASPA application, official GRE score report, three reference letters, the supplemental application, and no more than one prerequisite in progress), are considered for early interviews and admission decisions."
  10. They said they start sending them out about 5 weeks before the first interview date and continue up until the interview date!
  11. I really enjoyed it! I went in with some reservations about the program and about PBL but it was explained very well so my perspective changed a bit. I definitely see the value in PBL and how it allows students to think clinically. You do still have class with lecture each week but PBL is 3x a week in the mornings. Its good for students who maybe struggle learning from power point slides all the time, all the students said because of PBL they felt prepared during their clinicals. They discussed clinical rotations and the students said they have the ability to really go wherever and Chatham is very helpful in figuring out where to place you in those far away locations. One student chose to stay and do all of her rotations in Pittsburgh but another is doing two in Utah, one in Montana, and one in Africa, so that was pretty cool! They also said they mostly got their first picks for elective rotations. The other thing that stood out was it's basically a "pass/fail" structure. You have to get a certain percentage to pass in your classes but don't expect to pulling out 95%. You do a review period after your exams where you go back and write mini essays on the ones you got wrong and submit them. There could be times you're doing 35 mini essays which I am sure gets very tedious but at least you get the opportunity to see what you've gotten wrong. Let me know if you have any questions or if I didn't explain that well enough haha. I'm sure that was a bit confusing!
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