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  1. dani021

    University of Tampa PA Program

    No problem! Good luck!
  2. dani021

    University of Tampa PA Program

    Here is the info from the email I received: Where: The University of Tampa’s campus, located at 401 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33606. Please report to the second floor of the Graduate and Health Studies Building (#53 on the campus map). When: Monday, October 8. Registration and breakfast is 7:30am-8:30am, with the official program starting at 8:30am. Please plan to be on campus until 6pm that night. Parking: If you plan to drive, we have spots reserved in the Thomas Parking Garage. Please enter the garage from W. North A. Street off N. Boulevard. Let the guard know you’re here for the Physician Assistant Medicine Interview Day. The guard will direct you where to go. Accommodations: There are many hotels close to UT’s campus. Please view our suggestions on our website. I suggest you explore some of the local attractions as well. Mobile rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft are available in the area. Tampa International Airport is just 6 miles away from campus. Day-Of Requirements: Dress should be business formal. Please bring a photo ID.
  3. dani021

    Rosalind Franklin vs Seton Hall vs Cornell

    First off, congratulations on your acceptances! I think your decision comes down to your timeline on becoming a PA and where you want to be post-grad. If you're set on working in the NJ/NY area, I would personally choose a school in that area so you can make connections with preceptors during your clinical rotations and potentially find a job straight out of school. To me, that crosses Rosalind Franklin off the list. There doesn't seem like a whole lot of advantages to RF over the other two other than cost, but you'll ultimately end up having to relocate there and then back to NJ after graduation, which adds cost on its own. And although Seton Hall is more expensive, having summers off means you can have some income if you choose to work during that time. If you narrow it to Seton Hall vs. Cornell, the biggest difference is the timeline. If you attend Cornell, you'll be out an entire year sooner than Seton Hall when you factor the start date and program length. That translates an extra year working and income to pay back loans. Does your age play a factor here at all? If you're an older, non-traditional student like me, a shorter program that starts sooner is more desirable. From an outsider's perspective, Cornell seems like the better bet because of its lower cost, shorter timeline, and the fact that you will have housing covered with family members in the city. Yes, the subway will set you back about $120 for a monthly unlimited MetroCard, but you also won't be paying for car insurance, parking, or gas. However, it seems that you have some genuine concerns about the program at Cornell and your overall feel of Seton Hall was more positive. I get the impression that your gut is telling you Seton Hall, and I think if you're okay with the longer time period there, it's worth the extra ~20k tuition in the long run. Ultimately, you need to be in an environment where you're comfortable and a place that you feel you'll be most happy during the stressful process of PA school. I don't know if that helps or not, but hopefully it provides a little perspective from an outside standpoint. Best of luck in your decision!
  4. I want to share my situation with you to give you some perspective from someone who felt similarly at the beginning of this application process. I had pretty strong stats - a 3.9 cumulative & science GPA, a 4.0 post-bacc GPA, plus I've worked in medicine for 11 years with some of the most published and prominent physicians in the world, have the upwards of 16-17k PCE, ~1500 hrs research, 1800 hrs HCE, and 350 hrs volunteering. I also created many initiatives within the community to expand education, research, and access to care within the diabetic population. I was pretty confident going into the application cycle. But guess what? Despite my good grades, experience, and dedication, I still received several rejections! Rejections are nothing to be ashamed of or feel bad about. I will say that the first one was very humbling and a little frustrating for me, but I began to shift my mindset. Instead of feeling frustrated, I started feeling that the program just lost out on the value I could add to their class. Ultimately, I was accepted into a program that is excited to have me and appreciates the value I bring. So NONE of those rejections matter and there is no sense in dwelling on them! I have also realized how random the process is. Some small, local schools that I applied to rejected me, meanwhile I received interviews at some very distinguished programs. The best thing you can do is move on from the rejections and focus on the schools that see your value. Here's the good thing in your situation: you have an interview! That is half the battle and something to be incredibly proud of. I would say to make sure you are prepared to take on PA school if you are offered an acceptance. PA school is stressful enough on its own, so make sure you can handle it personally and financially. You should also always be trying to make yourself a stronger applicant and a stronger future PA student. Even after acceptance, I just took on another job to expose myself to internal medicine and pediatrics, a field I've never worked in but am excited to learn. There is always room for improvement and new learning opportunities in my opinion. For right now, just focus on your interview and try to take it one day at a time. I know the waiting process is torture, but hang in there! Best of luck!
  5. dani021

    CASPA 2018-2019 Cycle

    Thank you! I interviewed on Monday 10/29
  6. dani021

    CASPA 2018-2019 Cycle

    I just received an acceptance call from Dr. Wills! I don’t even know what to say, I’m so excited!!!
  7. dani021

    UF 2018-2019 Admissions Cycle

    I received the secondary review email this week as well. I submitted early July.
  8. Has anyone from the 10/11 interview day heard back yet?
  9. dani021

    CASPA 2018-2019 Cycle

    So great to meet everyone at the afternoon session today! Best of luck to all ?
  10. dani021

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Received an interview invite today! Picked the last date, 11/28 ?
  11. Congratulations! Was it via email or phone?
  12. dani021

    University of Tampa PA Program

    There's a really cute place right next to the campus called Oxford Exchange. Great place to grab a coffee, and the campus is just across the street to walk around and explore.
  13. dani021


    I read Savanna Perry's book "Physician Assistant School Interview Guide." I also did a mock interview through her website https://www.thepaplatform.com/. Both of these were great resources that helped prepare me with what to expect, how to strengthen my answers, and ease my nerves come interview day. Her book also helps you understand not just what questions to expect but to understand WHY the admissions committee is asking them and what type of answer they are looking for. Obviously you still need to be genuine in your answers, but she does a really good job of guiding you on how to make those answers the best possible. I also recorded myself answering questions and watched the video playback to try to correct any bad habits and make sure I wasn't rambling. Ultimately make sure you know why you want to be a PA and why you want to attend that specific program. Good luck!
  14. To those of you who have received acceptances - congrats! How long did it take until after the interview to hear back? I'm interviewing Tuesday and just curious as to how long I will have to sit in anxiety to know the decision ?

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