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  1. rarPA

    2018/2019 Cycle

    Just gave up my seat after getting an acceptance to my top choice, good luck you guys!
  2. rarPA

    2018-2019 Application cycle

    I interviewed October 8th and just got the email today that I got accepted off the waitlist!!
  3. rarPA

    2018/2019 Cycle

    Got my acceptance call yesterday from the 10/16-10/17 interview!
  4. If anyone is staying at a hotel near the airport and wants to split an Uber/Lyft to the interview 9/29 message me! Or if you want to grab dinner!
  5. Got an invite on Tuesday for the September 29th interview also! I submitted my application 5/29
  6. rarPA

    Touro Nevada 2018/19 Applicants

    How many questions was your group asked? And was it mostly just the traditional questions? Seems like a pretty laid back interview
  7. rarPA

    Touro Nevada 2018/19 Applicants

    Do you remember what kind of questions you were asked? Like if they were situational or just the typical ones? And how long did your interview last if your group was only asked 3 questions?
  8. I got my interview invite on June 19th for the Delaware campus and will be interviewing on August 2nd! See you all there!

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