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  1. I received a last minute interview but turned it down as i have already accepted at another program - hope this helps someone! ?
  2. I gave up my interview for the 12th last week as I accepted an offer at another program - hope that helped ?
  3. I received an email after confirming my interview date that a photo should be uploaded 5 days before the interview! I don't think it is necessary until you interview cause I didn't have anything uploaded until I received that email.
  4. I submitted CASPA June 4th and emailed regarding my app last week, and they said they were still in the process of confirming materials for applications received in May and would email me after going through my application materials.
  5. My interview was August 14th and I was offered a seat in the program today!! :)) Best of luck to those of you interviewing!
  6. I actually got that email about a week after I got my interview invite and was confirmed.
  7. I also felt that this was unnecessary. I ended up leaving it blank bc my only concern was already addressed in the part after grades that asked if I felt my grades accurately reflected my abilities. I felt like anything I wrote there would just be unneccessary fluff.
  8. How did you receive the interview invitation? Was it a call or an email?
  9. I just received my confirmation letter in the mail! I rarely get mail so it was a surprise- love that they took the time to mail letters instead of just sending an email!
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