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  1. For future this may be helful : For people with international bachelors 1) Check with universities first , apart from 30-40 univs almost all univs require a US regionaly accredited degree (none in NC, which is where I researched most) 2) Of the univs that accept non US Bachelors ; about 50% of them will require the pre-reqs be done in US institutions (no anatomy or physio no pre -reqs from non US are accepted , you could be a doctor , a nuerosurgeon , but you will have to do pre -reqs in US) So about 70 credits for most univs will have to be redone 3) Also check the requirements for time period for the remainder of colleges about 15 or so that will accept pre -reqs from international bachelors , about how long back will they accept ? All in all if you have non US bachelors, about 70% schools are not going to accept you, the remainder 30% will re quire you to do pre-reqs in US again (so plan about 2 years in advance)
  2. When you get a chance, can please re read my updated essay (based on your feedback). I am truly thankful for the feedback (i would buy you beer if could to show my gratitude); thanks again ! 

  3. Thanks to both of you, I have updated my essay. Edited the original post ! Those are are great feedback , definitely getting rod of the preamble , fixing all my grammar and expanding on the things you mentioned panglossian. Again thanks so much for pointing out these glaring mistakes ? really really appreciate it,
  4. I do have a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Arcadia University and have GRE test scores and thousands of hours of direct patient care here in US as a therapist. Keeping my fingers crossed that it helps. And I agree the mid-late application cycle life isn't ideal. Will create a thread eventually to know which schools are willing to accept prereqs from foreign institution after talking to some of them. Thanks again for the responses and best wishes.
  5. Thanks, I will contact all my universities after WES is completed (expecting next week ).They should be sending in my evaluated transcripts. This particular line shook me , and at its face value says , all the courses taken (anatomy,physio,chem,stats) in a non US college are no good and will have to be retaken. "All prerequisite work must be done at a regionally accredited college or university in the U.S." ; Found this one line in several universities FAQ section.
  6. Hello, Do all universities require pre-reqs be done in a US school? I have a bachelors degree in physical therapy several pre -reqs were completed during my bachelors. During my PT license exam here in US all those were counted and I was given credit for them; but I am not sure when it comes to PA school ; will I have to redo all pre-reqs here in US or after WES evaluation whatever was credited ? Has anyone from Indian Medical school faced similar situation?
  7. I am looking to shadow in the Raleigh Durham area ; been trying to send messages via linkedIn to multiple places, but to no avail. Does anyone on here know someone who is accepting pre-pa shadowing? Being a PT I would love to follow someone in Ortho or Pain Management, but I am happy to shadow any specialty ; there is something to learn in all settings!
  8. Hello , firstly I am thankful to whoever came up with this blog /forum ; so so helpful to pre pa applicants. Can I please get someone to review my essay? Would love some feedback. -----------------------------------
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