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  1. Hi! Based on previous experience, typically applicants do not bring their family members, as you have to sit for the initial overview session, prior to interviewing, as well as Arcadia has some current students come and speak while all the applicants alternate doing interviews. However, for the tour at the end, they're more than welcome to join!
  2. Congratulations on getting an interview! I'm also a current 1st year student at Glenside, and I agree with @sjleach. The interview was one of my more relaxed interviews and conversational. The professors (I had two) who interviewed me built their questions based off my responses, such as further inquiring about my experiences abroad and casually asking what I thought about European healthcare versus US healthcare, as well as what I like to do. I would also be confident in your answer about why you like Arcadia. To add, I recommend asking your interviewers about their experiences, and what the
  3. I believe the Facebook group is Arcadia University PA Class of 2021, as someone mentioned above. That's what I joined- it seems like the one haha. And I have not been able to find an academic calendar, but in the FB group it's mentioned that orientation starts May 29th.
  4. Thank you for letting us know, appreciate it! I'm in the same situation, applied end of April and have not heard back.
  5. Lol same. I submitted end of April and received confirmation of fee and other requirements end of July. No correspondence since then
  6. @Ms123 I’m interviewing the 12th too, and flying in from Connecticut, so I was concerned. I saw that it was predicted to hit late Thursday as well, but it’s all unclear ? So far though, haven’t heard anything from the school!
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