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  1. hi guys my interview is tomorrow, when do we get an email with more info about the zoom link etc? im hoping its not the morning of
  2. its been about 4 months for me, no word as well. sounds like a good idea to reach out to someone just to see what's going on, let me know if you do!
  3. I'm sure they will call you again for a spot, I still didn't hear anything yet. Congrats to everyone getting interviews
  4. Congrats!! I wonder if the first round of interviews was July-august. Still didn't get one but also didn't get a rejection.
  5. I was denied last month, im assuming it was because I was in a previous pa program before.
  6. I'm assuming we wont be hearing back until end of July/ august
  7. okay thanks, I got the same email the day after I submitted but then another email saying they were unable to process my application bc my GRE scores weren't posted so I updated my application and emailed them back, haven't heard anything back but im assuming they received my updated application and are just busy receiving more applications
  8. has anyone heard anything back after submitting ?
  9. didnt hear anything back besides that generic email
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