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  1. I have been accepted to Barry St pete as well!!! Second time applicant. Don’t ever give up people! Good luck to everyone ?
  2. I just received an invitation to interview for the St Pete campus! I chose the Sept 21 option. Good luck to everyone and can’t wait to meet whoever is in my interview day! ?
  3. Hi! When did you submit everything and get the first email stating "Once your application has been processed by our office, you will receive an additional email confirming the receipt of the above materials as well as a detailed description of the next steps in the Admissions process." I'm assuming the email you just got was the second email confirming everything. Thanks!!
  4. I know it’s very late in this cycle but I am curious for the St pete location if anyone has been called off the waitlist since January-now. I interviewed January 26th and heard back the following Tuesday that I was on the waitlist. They never told us if the spot we were interviewing that day for was waitlist or into the class. Thanks everyone and good luck to all those about to start in August!
  5. Thanks for your feedback. Hopefully we hear something soon!
  6. That’s how I feel too! It sucks because I would rather just know now then keep wondering. I also saw some people from previous threads who didn’t hear back a month after they submitted versus some people hearing back a week after. Trying to stay hopeful!
  7. Hey everyone, Submitted on 5/21 and received an email from South on 5/24 that application has been received. All I’ve heard since then is emails about taking the Casper test which I took 6/21. Anyone else submit early and still not hear back? Do you think this means I don’t have a chance for interview since some of you have received interview offers and got everything done around the same time as me? Any feedback is helpful. Good luck everyone!!
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