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  1. Are those accepted pending open seat offered an official seat before those on the alternate list?
  2. purpleberry

    Chapman University: 2018-2019

    Interviewed in July and still haven't heard back lol
  3. For those who already interviewed, can you touch on the experience? Was any part of the interview tough or not what you expected? Any tips on how to prepare? Thanks!
  4. purpleberry

    Chapman University: 2018-2019

    I interviewed last month 7/27. Didn't receive a call so pretty sure I was rejected. If they are still interviewing that means there are still seats available. Good luck!
  5. purpleberry

    Chapman University: 2018-2019

    Congrats! What will the interview format be? Group or individual interview? Are they traditional questions or more ethical/behavioral questions?
  6. purpleberry

    Chapman University: 2018-2019

    Hey congrats! Can you share what the interview format was?
  7. purpleberry

    Chapman University: 2018-2019

    Just received interview invite today. Congrats to those who were accepted! Can you share anything about interview format? Was it a group or individual interview? How many interviewing on the panel? Were the questions ones you expected?

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