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  1. caligirl707

    PCE vs. HCE

    thank you guys! so needless to say, HCE is incorporated with PCE most of the time when the school reviews it?
  2. caligirl707

    PCE vs. HCE

    Hi everyone! I just needed help on how to differentiate between PCE and HCE due to my personal experience. I went on CASPA's help page and found this: PCE: Experiences in which you are directly responsible for a patient's care. For example, prescribing medication, performing procedures, directing a course of treatment, designing a treatment regimen, actively working on patients as a nurse, paramedic, EMT, CNA, phlebotomist, physical therapist, dental hygienist, etc. HCE: Both paid and unpaid work in a health or health-related field where you are not directly responsible for a patient's care, but may still have patient interaction; for example, filling prescriptions, performing clerical work, delivering patient food, cleaning patients and/or their rooms, administering food or medication, taking vitals or other record keeping information, working as a scribe, CNA (depending on job description), medical assistant, etc My issue with differentiating my hours is that I have been at my current work site for 9+ years as a medical assistant and I am just not sure how I can calculate my hours between PCE and HCE. In my role, we have plenty of PCE when we perform procedures such as aerosolized medication treatments, ear lavages, assisting the MD/NP with their clinical procedures, administering an ECG and many other tasks with direct patient care. Does anyone have advice on how to do so? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! ?
  3. caligirl707

    calculating sGPA?

    Thank you! Woud you say any and all appropriate science courses would be calculated? (everything you mentioned + neuroscience, pharmacology, pathophysiology, anatomy of speech mechanisms, etc.?)
  4. caligirl707

    calculating sGPA?

    Hi everyone, is there such thing as a pre-pre PA? lol jk I'm just curious how everyone is calculating their overall science GPA (sGPA). The reason I am asking is because the variety of program requirements that I have looked at all require different science pre-reqs, so when I am seeing people write their stats in, I'm just curious how its all amounting up when every program is different. Thank you in advance for any and all input!

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