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  1. I think when I made my deposit, I went to the “Make an E-Payment” button and from there it gave me the option to put down the deposit.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/516753795399007/?ref=share I finally created the group for accepted students, feel free to join!
  3. I'm on it! Can everyone who is interested in joining please send me a PM with your name/facebook profile so I can add you to the group? I just tried a few minutes ago to start the group, but it appears you need at least one group member to add first before the group can be created. Looking forward to meeting all of you!
  4. Has anyone started a facebook/social media group for accepted students yet? I'm planning to attend this coming Fall 2019
  5. I asked this question too a little while ago - another applicant spoke to the financial aid dept and was told the total cost would be around $120,000.
  6. I attended the open house today, just thought I'd add this info to the thread for whoever might be interested: The tuition for the cohort starting Fall 2019 is approximately $47,000. The program does not have any elective rotations. Applications have been reviewed and are being reviewed; the first interview invites should start coming some time between December and January. I was told they "technically" don't follow rolling admissions as all applications are reviewed eventually, but I'm a little confused by this as they've clearly already decided to select applicants w
  7. Fall start date in 19’-20’. We were the very first round of interviews for this cycle.
  8. Thank you, this is really helpful! $120,000+ is super steep...
  9. Hey! I interviewed back in mid-July, didn't receive an acceptance call until end of August and didn't get my acceptance packet until mid-September. Hopefully this gives you some idea of whether or not you should have received it already.
  10. If anyone is interested, I asked about an information sessions/open houses that would be held - they have 3 coming up Nov 1, 8, and 15. All at 12:00pm. You need to RSVP with Tenesha Spain before attending.
  11. Thanks! I saw that on the graduate school website, but wasn't sure if that applied to the PA program (since some of the other health profession-related graduate programs have a slightly lower cost.)
  12. Congrats to everyone receiving acceptances! Have they told any of you any information about the tuition/cost of attendance of the program? I don't see that anywhere on the website and the last time I spoke to the program directly they were still in the process of figuring that out
  13. They are definitely still sending out interview invites and likely will be until their deadline. I interviewed with them last week and was told because the program is non-rolling admissions, final decisions aren't made until February (after all interviews have been conducted.)
  14. Has anyone been able to get more information about the program? I know this is their first year as a solely MS program (instead of BS-MS) but that's about it. I don't really find their website to be particularly informative and wasn't able to visit the graduate open house they had earlier in September. I did meet with a graduate advisor earlier this year, but she seemed to not know much about the program either. I even tried contacting the one of the faculty members (possibly program coordinator?) via email with a few questions but she never got back to me. I'm interviewing on 10/17, just
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