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  1. Hello all! I am currently going into my senior year and looking for some guidance for pa program applications. Right now my GPA is at 3.91 with a science GPA of about 3.87. I go to a decently competitive university. I’m taking GRE at end of summer, but I took a practice test and got a 320 (154V & 166Q). I realize my academics are strong, but I am concerned about PCEs and Recs. I am an EMT and have about 250 volunteer hours and 500 paid hours. However, those hours are not all WITH patients...how do I figure how many to actually report? I know the requirement of many programs are about 500ish, but do they heavily prefer applicants with more hours than that? Also I could get a couple of strong recommendation letters, but I don’t know a PA well enough to ask for a rec. is it essential to have a rec from a pa? Also with where I am at should I hold off applying until next cycle?
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