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  1. Thanks everyone! After some serious introspection, I did end up choosing school B. While it would be nice to have less debt in the long run, I think that what @PADisplayName said rings true: my heart is there. There are so many pros with school B that I cannot pass on the opportunity. I appreciate everyone's insight and input in this process, and I hope to be just as helpful to future PA students as you all have been for me.
  2. Both are January start but B is 25 months vs 27 months for A. So two months could be competitive.
  3. School B would be about 50-60 minute commute from my parents' place to the school. Plus its a January start in the Northeast, so I feel like it might be too far with snow being an additional risk factor. It's a good thought and I definitely have considered it. I would consider my situation to have these schools of thought be mutually exclusive, yes. Program B seems to have a lot in its favor in terms of what I want, however, Program A has cost in its favor, which is a significant criterion to evaluate. I feel that I would either regret missing the opportunity of going to Program
  4. Hello! I feel blessed to be coming to you guys with such a problem, but it's been weighing on me and need advice from current PA-S's and PA-C's. I have been accepted to two schools: School A which is 20 minutes away from my current living space and School B which is closer to my parents, but still about an hour away. Schools A and B seem pretty comparable in terms of curriculum, program length (A: 27 mo versus B: 25 mo), PANCE pass rates (A: 97 versus B: 99), tuition (a difference of 3K), and employment rates after graduation. The main differences that I see are that school B is associate
  5. Tufts sends a link to a portal to select interview dates with their invitation to interview, and as of right now their calendar only goes out to September 13th for availability. Hope this helps.
  6. It looks like the last interview session is scheduled for 9/13, so I would anticipate that most of us who received that email should hear back after they've interviewed all the candidates. Keep the faith, everyone.
  7. Has anyone received a formal rejection letter or any communication post-interview? I’ve been anxiously waiting to hear *anything* from the program for 3 weeks and wanted to know if anyone else was in the same boat.
  8. I've heard that they notify you of acceptance/rejection within 24 hours of your interview. Does anyone know how long you have to respond if they send you an acceptance?
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