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  1. Rejections and waitlists don’t get sent out until October (admissions coordinator told me this during my interview day) nevertheless, I know I didn’t get in because I haven’t received an acceptance phone call and it’s been a month since my interview day (acceptances usually get sent out pretty quickly; that’s my understanding about Chapman)...
  2. Awesome GPA! I'm sure you will do fine your second time around. Wishing you the very best ? We're all in this together. . .
  3. Did anyone interview on June 21st and receive an acceptance offer yet? That's the date that I interviewed but I haven't heard back ? So far the people on this thread whom said they were offered a seat stated they interviewed on June 14th, soo this gives me a LITTLE bit of hope that I'm not out of the game yet... Hope this makes sense
  4. I also finished the interview but still haven’t heard back from anyone. According to what I gathered from interview day, rejections and waitlists get sent out (email) in October and people who get accepted know sooner than later (like within a couple weeks). That’s why I’m a little nervous now because I haven’t heard back and my interview was exactly one week ago ? good of luck to everyone... we are all in this together for a good cause: HELP PEOPLE!!!
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