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  1. I did as well! I got a good laugh out of it. They must not have had enough people apply for their pharmacy program.
  2. Rejections were sent out this morning! Good luck to you all in your endeavors!
  3. I interviewed in November and was told that they normally interview about 150 people for 50 spots, but it's going to be more like 110-120 this year. So your chances aren't bad at all! They also only interview 4 people per day which is a nice way to get to know the other applicants that day. Good luck! The staff is all super nice!
  4. Someone earlier said they called and emailed and didn't get a response from either.
  5. At this rate, I think it will be more like April haha
  6. Nope. I'm mentally preparing to wait all weekend.
  7. I had a "doubly highly" recommended interview and I haven't heard yet.
  8. Since things seem to be going out in waves, I would imagine they're all still deliberating about who to accept/waitlist. I think it would be best to just wait and see what they say instead of bombarding them with calls and emails.
  9. This was a tough decision since I think RVU will develop into a really good program and I LOVE Colorado, but I'll be declining my acceptance offer as I've been accepted closer to home. I'll be submitting my official decline on the portal later this morning so maybe someone on the waitlist will get a call today or Monday? Best of luck to everyone!!
  10. Nobody has said anything about being waitlisted yet either. I wouldn't worry about it for now since we will all be getting an email one way or another!
  11. I never heard back one way or another about my application, so I emailed admissions a couple weeks ago and received a very prompt response from them. They (specifically, Bob Hadley) gave me some really nice detailed feedback about why I wasn't offered an interview, and said that if I were to reapply next year that I should email them and they would make a point to look at my application again. I have been accepted elsewhere so I will not be reapplying there, but I wanted to put that out there for anyone who was rejected or has not heard back from them and is thinking about applying next cycle. Admissions seems really nice, and I'd recommend reaching out to them about your application!
  12. I agree! My mouth dropped open when I read the subject, then I read the content and was so very disappointed haha. Glad they let us know so I can stop being glued to my email for the next couple days though!
  13. Just got a phone call.... Accepted!! I'm so excited!
  14. The email I got for my interview invitation says "Offers to attend will go out digitally during the week of December 10 once all interviews have been conducted." Fingers crossed for all of us!
  15. Good luck to everyone interviewing today! Hope we all start to hear back next week!
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