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  1. I work with one inpatient. and usually I know much more about diagnosis, assessment and management of various things. But she has been here longer and she thinks her input should be more valued than mine based on seniority, lol So this morning during the round, I could not name a couple things about this patient's history - I was looking up the chart but she shout those out and said "We always keep track of these things. You should whenever pt complains of this this and this" What she did really didn't bother me but some nurses here noticed and said things like why do NP's like here tr
  2. you can think whatever you want. I am a practicing PA inpatient medicine in a large university hospital. Planning to transition to ER soon. Have been doing some ER/UC gig thanks to having some friends in ED/UC here. I am just sick of no advancement in PA profession - no name change, no OTP and so forth - and thus have been considering making a jump to DO or MD schools. This is why I know much about the DO bridge program and all these free MD programs out there too. I have the right to be critical and frustrated about nothing happening with this profession and voicing it out
  3. While working in a big hospital I realized that almost all midlevels just follow orders from senior physicians and truly make no individual decisions. Sometimes, we come up with some great ideals but instead of getting praised these physicians dismiss them. Recently, I came across a few urgent care centers that is run by PA's. That is the only time mid-levels seemed independent. Unless this OTP thing passes and we get more independence I don't think our profession is not that great. I Just gotta study my butt off to get 99% on MCAT and go to NYU med for free lol.
  4. Almost all PA's and NP's that work for big hospitals are not truly "independent" We all follow and report patients to attendings and they make final calls on management Only some PA's who had some EM/urgent care experiences that work in a single provider urgent care with no physician oversight is truly independent. Most NP's and even PA hosptialists say they seem "independent" but I alway see them take attending o senior physicians' orders and following them. I bet these providers cant manage patients on their own since they had to rely on their decisions the whole time. I hav
  5. I am so sick and tired of reading about NP's taking over PA's because of less administrative hurdles and their independence. AAPA do something? Many like myself are so sick of inaction, we have decided to apply to med schools and jump ship before we ASSISTANTS sink altogether. Do something AAPA Get the name changed first. We are no one's assistants. We dont wipe or kiss butts like nurses or NP's respectively. Then get this administrative hurdle off. Do something. Use money to campaign.
  6. confusing us with MA's since we are both ASSISTANTs. WE really need that name change. AAPA are you listening?
  7. This type of issue comes up all the time. How come AAPA is doing nothing about it? Contact them ask for change
  8. nice. I get 4 weeks. That girl Brittany is getting taken advantage of for sure.. She is really being physician's assistant not PA
  9. Add another 100K for cost of living. Imagine 300K debit and doing primary care...
  10. was MSC officer before PA school. I just need to switch to medical specialist
  11. Med schools especially prestigious or nationally well-known ones have started to offer free tuition. https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/16/health/nyu-free-tuition-medical-school/index.html As a PA that wants to go to med school, I would try to ACE the MCAT and go to one of these top schools. NYU is now offering free tuition. Soon, many MD programs would be free and only poor MD and DO programs would charge. MD>>>>> DO gap will even be greater. Only those who could not get into free MD programs have to PAY to go to DO schools. So PA to DO bridge is not looking good. It
  12. No name change... no independent rights like NP's.... administrative hurdles that hold us back... so fed up... I am applying DO and not waiting for NP's to take over. I will become a real doctor and try to suppress NP advancements -who are not real doctors and don't even have clinical skills that can match PA's --- myself, lol.
  13. Anyone else trying to bridge to DO because they are worried about future job opportunities as a PA? Independent NP's are already taking over and are more popular over dependent ASSISTANTS, right?
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