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  1. Does anyone have any additional information about how clinical rotations are set up? Or know someone I can talk to about it? It was a very brief discussion during my Interview day.
  2. Hello all! My name is Vanessa, I am also from the Central Valley (Fresno County). I am 23 years old, going on 24. Graduated from CSU, Fresno with a BA in psychology. I worked for a short time as a CNA at a SNF and have been scribing in the ER for the past 3 years now. Congrats to everyone, we have worked very hard for this! Excited to meet you all!
  3. @SoCaliPrePA Stats: Hours: 650 as CNA, 3,000+ as ER Scribe CGPA- 3.79 SGPA- 3.65 LOR: 2MD, 2 PA, 1 research admin Good luck
  4. @FeelTheMusicPA I interviewed on Saturday 12/8, 8am. @pauljl Yes it does seem so. Thank you! Hope you hear back soon
  5. Yes it was one of the faculty from the individual interview :)
  6. Just received an acceptance call today! So excited! Good luck everyone
  7. Hello! Congrats on the interview invite! The interview was very relaxed, the staff was awesome. They should be sending out an email with more details about the interview closer your date. I strongly recommend attending the meet and greet the night before. Current students seem to really like the program.
  8. Also received an interview invite for October 10th! cGPA 3.79 sGPA 3.64 Scribe-3,000 hrs CNA-650 hrs
  9. Also received a call for an interview invite on 8/24! Stats: sGPA 3.64 oGPA 3.79 3,000 hrs as ER scribe, 650 as a CNA at a SNF.
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