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  1. I interviewed on December 5th and was accepted on January 10th! So i'd wait about 4ish weeks!
  2. Hey does anyone know the roughly what the start date is of the program
  3. Hey Congrats everyone! Can anyone tell me what the seat deposit is because Ive been having troubles signing into the Portal
  4. It’s 30 minutes, 2 Staff will give you about 10-15 questions and afterwards they might ask if you’d like to sit in on a class
  5. You sure they didn't just mean special consideration for their Worcester and Manchester PA programs?
  6. I took Orgo 1& 2 with the lab and biochemistry, I submitted late June! No problem!
  7. They emailed us to pick a slot to interview. After we picked the slot the portal says "Your admission interview has been confirmed. Please refer to your confirmation email for details."
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