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  1. Thanks for the reply MT2PA, It is a newer program, which definitely will work against me. I would rather sell my house and quit my job than drop out of PA school or have my grades suffer. Kyle
  2. Working and going to school is definitely not ideal, but it will be near impossible to support my family without working a shift or two per week. The commuting aspect is not ideal, which has partially factored into why I haven't applied to them yet. I would love to be able to cast a wider net, but at this moment in time, it is not really an option. I will take a look at Magoosh for preparation. Thank You Kyle
  3. Thanks for the reply! It appears my cumulative GPA is 3.18. Most of my classes were older than 10 years. I attempted to go back to school about 9 years ago, and I had a really bad semester reduced a huge chunk of my GPA(typical story of an immature 21 y/o). Only within the past 2 years have I actually gone back to school which is the new and improved GPA. I am hoping the school will not hold the sins of a 21 y/o against a 31y/o who was finally able to achieve some semblance of academic success. The school's gpa is: The following academic statistics are a representation of the
  4. Hey Guys & Gals, I just took the GRE today and did not do well at all. 150 for verbal and 138(kill me please) for quant. I was expecting to get into the 50% but clearly, I was not successful with the quant. I think the combination of not doing math or a long time + time anxiety + failure to adequately prepare are the reasons while I did so poorly. I am sure my dog could have done better and his skills are limited to sitting and smiling... Some basic info: Age 31 Associates GPA 2.8 Science GPA 3.3 BS GPA 3.72 My patient care experience is a li
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