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  1. For those of you who have interviewed, how long does it typically take for them to get back to you?
  2. I got an invite for July 23rd! Good luck everyone, hope to see some of y'all there!
  3. Sure, they sent me an email invite and requested a response to verify that I would be attending and my stats include: CASPA verified - 6/06 GPA - 3.88 sGPA - 3.79 Volunteer hours - about 600 hours Direct patient care hours - 1800 hours Extracurricular activities - ex D1 athlete at Big 12 school. Various clubs and obviously volunteering regularly .
  4. Just wanted to update y'all, I got an interview invitation today for July 26th!
  5. Yeah I applied to the bother South College campuses. From what I understand they are both very likely to get going so hopefully we'll start hearing back soon.
  6. Yes I have applied but have yet to hear back from them. I'm curious as to when they get the ball rolling for sending out interviews.
  7. Yeah I was thinking the same thing, I got verified June 6th and it seems as though we would have likely already heard back for an interview if they were interested. Still early though so not sure.
  8. Did the two week email come after the submission of the background check through castle branch?
  9. has anyone heard anything? I'm not sure when interview invites start going out
  10. I know ETS says it takes 10-15 days to get the GRE results back but is it likely to get it before that? I took my test last tuesday, 6 days ago, and am so anxious for my AWA results since its my weakest subject.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I was just thinking that if I submit my applications now, I might get Verified quicker once my final transcript gets received. Almost all of my schools don't care if my GRE isn't sent directly with the CASPA application as long as I submit the official scores when I receive them in order to update them. Also I think by submitting my CASPA now I can get go ahead and start working on the secondaries.
  12. Hello all, I was looking to see if someone could give some feedback on what I should do based on my situation. So I took the GRE today and received a good score in the Verbal and Quantitative sections (just waiting on Analytical section score) and sent four of the free scores to various PA programs that I am applying to. My question is, should I go ahead and submit my CASPA applications even though I haven't actually gotten the official scores reported? Also, I am applying to more then the 4 programs that I have sent my GRE score to, so, if it's beneficial, should I also submit the remain
  13. Thank y'all for the feedback! I will definitely look into these programs and continue to research others. If anyone else would like to add to these lists feel free to do so!
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