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  1. To the people who have been accepted, congrats! Add me on Facebook at Dane Shell if you want. I'd love to know who some of my future classmates are. I'm also wanting to room with someone because it's a bit cheaper than the single rooms around that area. Let me know!
  2. I can share mine Biology Major sGPA- 3.88 cGPA- 3.87 ~3000 DPC hours as a PCT 100 Volunteer hours & various leadership roles and extracurriculars
  3. I was in the first interview group so they are just getting started. Hope you hear back soon
  4. I was put on the wait list from the 8/24 interview as well
  5. Yea I had it on 9/11. It went really well! They are all very friendly and do everything they can to make it a relaxing environment.
  6. Hey Yuliya, It's not necessary to send letters to the program directly. You certainly can but if you feel like the letters in CASPA are strong and reflect yourself as an applicant then you should be good. I think they leave that door open in case you had some awesome experience after submitting through CASPA you wanted them to know about.
  7. They gave me a week notice. Invite on the 4th and interview on the 11th. Luckily, I live an hour north of the campus so it was easy to make plans for.
  8. Nope, I haven't heard either way. I interviewed 8/24.
  9. Just got an interview invitation for 9/11. Hope I can meet some of you there!
  10. I'm interviewing Nov. 15th. Anyone else have this interview date?
  11. I think there are three or four more. I got an interview for the 13th but had to reschedule to the 24th. I was told that rescheduling my interview wouldn't hinder my chances of getting in (stressed this fact due to them using rolling admissions). Not sure if that means that they have the class filled and interviews are for waitlist only or that there are still open seats left.
  12. JD2012, I was wondering if you could share your favorite thing about going to the NOVA Ft. Lauderdale PA program. Thanks!
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