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  1. Oh, she told us by the 16th. I would love to find out today though!
  2. I’m assuming Friday. But that has not stopped me from refreshing 100 times a day.
  3. I interviewed Friday at morehead and I had a great experience. My interview was a mix between conversational/personal and a very general-style. Also, everyone was extremely nice and welcoming. Good luck on your interview!
  4. Just received my interview invite for the Morehead campus on August 2nd! Good luck everyone!
  5. Just got the email that they couldn’t give me an interview. Good luck to everyone who interviews tomorrow!
  6. I just wonder if they are going to set up another interview date because if they are rejecting us they should’ve already sent out the email?
  7. I just called them twice and they didn’t answer.
  8. Has anyone heard anything about them sending out more interview invites?
  9. I’m the same way! Hopefully we will hear soon.
  10. I’m waiting on an email too and I haven’t heard anything yet, did you?
  11. I was put on the waitlist anyone else?
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