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  1. Does FSU tell you what number you are on their waitlist, does anyone know?
  2. Hello! For anyone that has already interviewed, can you share what the interview day is like? Just the time frames, I am trying to figure out hotels/how long I will be staying. Thanks!
  3. Congrats to everyone that received an interview! For those that did, did you receive a confirmation that your app was under review first? Or just the first contact was the interview invitation. Thank you!
  4. Oh no, did someone from the program tell you that? Did they have any other info?
  5. They didnt! I called Friday to follow up also but still haven't heard back. Hopefully today!
  6. Also received an invite to interview, date TBD! For those who also got invites, how soon after did they follow up with a date/time? Thank you!!!
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