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  1. Was accepted, but I got into another program that I’ll be going to. Good luck and congrats to whoever gets my spot! everyone at utrgv was amazing. Nothing but good things to say about the program/staff
  2. Congratulations on your other acceptance! Did you call or email when you got in contact with them? I’ve been trying to reach them, but I haven’t heard back
  3. Does anyone know how many applicants were interviews per session? Just trying to gauge where they are at with interviews!
  4. Not sure. The FB group has 44 people in it, as of right now, but I don't know how many of the 44 are current students
  5. Do you know how many people have actually been accepted based on the FB group?
  6. Taylor, congratulations! Do you mind if I message you about your experience?
  7. Congratulations!!!! Thats so awesome. May I ask when you received your “under review” email?
  8. Can anyone who has interviewed tell me how many people are interviewed per session?? Thank you!!
  9. when did you receive your under review email? congratulations!!!
  10. Woo!! Congrats Matt! Yes it is, just accepted you! Look forward to meeting you!
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