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  1. I called the Betty Irene Moore admissions number. I was transferred to a woman named Michelle. If you dont mind, would you consider asking when we should see the red x’s disappear (when they will be uploading internally). I forgot to ask and don’t want to call back again. Hoping our applications haven’t fallen through the cracks.
  2. I just called. She said my application was received and good to go. She said the committee email is sent out by the graduate studies department, so she wasn't fully aware of what they are doing. I feel a little better knowing my application is there, but still concerned over the red x's....
  3. Still waiting for a response. My status still has those red x’s next to my transcripts as well.
  4. I did end up sending an email to confirm receipt of my application; so ill let everybody know the response.
  5. Thank you! That makes me feel a little better knowing I’m not alone. I’m currently debating whether or not I should contact them about it.
  6. Have others received that email about the committee? Not sure if I should be worried or concerned that my application wasn’t sent to the committee yet.
  7. I wonder if they are doing it alphabetically? I also submitted 11/25 but haven't received that specific e-mail. My last name starts with a V, are you closer to the front of the alphabet, by chance? Sorry if thats awkward.
  8. I also still have those red X's. May I ask what you mean by follow-up email? I received an e-mail once I submitted from the Graduate Admissions and then a reminder email from the Betty-Irene Moore to submit my application. Is that what you also received?
  9. I also received the same e-mail after submitting. Thank you for reaching out to the program!

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