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  1. Are you applying for the previous (2019/2020) cycle or the next cycle (2020/2021)?
  2. The cohort is going to be approx. 60 from what they said. There are currently ~30 people in the Facebook group (though I doubt everyone who's been accepted is in it since it's based out of this forum afaik). There was only one panel.
  3. I made a post about it earlier in the thread. I didn't want to go into details about what they asked, etc., but it gives you a good idea of how to prepare. Everyone there is very nice and it was one of the least stressful interviews I've been through. Prepare but don't stress out too much, and good luck!
  4. Don't worry about being at a disadvantage or not. They've invited you so that means they're interested in you. Just do your best and see if they're a right fit for you.
  5. The campus is literally a renovated 2 story office building, not like a traditional college campus. The tour was about 30min but mostly talking and looking at the simulation rooms, lunch area, etc (all inside).
  6. I just received my acceptance call to the Knoxville campus! Best of luck to everyone else!
  7. Yes, this will be their first cohort at this campus. I don't want to go into what they did or did not talk about, but I will say that there is plenty of time to freely talk with your interviewers during the interview.
  8. Hey guys! Here's a little feedback from the Knoxville interview: - Everyone there is absolutely wonderful! It was probably the least stressful interview I've ever done. - The interview consists of a panel interview with faculty and local PAs and activities. I don't want to go into more detail than that but the activities are very simple and nothing to stress over. - The rest of the day is presentations about the program, Q&A, a provided lunch, and campus tour. - They do rolling admissions but plan to interview all the way into March. My thoughts on the program: It looks absolutely fantastic! While it's a new program it looks like they're drawing on experience from the Harrogate program and adding the twist of a surgery focus and in-depth cadaver curriculum. Speaking of which, it's likely one of the most robust cadaver opportunities available at a PA school and includes 3 semesters in the lab, a full dissection, and performing procedures (they mentioned a gallbladder and appendix removal). The campus is a renovated office building and is shared with their DO program, but there is plenty of space (even a PA only lounge) and something like +20 fantastic simulation rooms with the latest tech in them. The one big reservation I have about the program is that they are currently not accredited. They said they will be receiving their provisional accreditation confirmation in July of next year (start date in Oct), but I'm concerned because that is after the start date of many PA schools and, while I feel there is a <1% chance that they don't get it, it's still a huge issue if it doesn't work out. Over all I was very impressed with the program and staff and am eagerly waiting to hear back. Best of luck to everyone else!
  9. For my fellow Knoxville interviewees, I emailed them for more info regarding the format of the interview and was told it would be "face-to-face interviews with faculty and community providers" similar to other programs, so it seems like it will be a traditional interview format with a couple panels. They said there were "other activities" like staff presentations and tours, but didn't list everything when I asked so idk if there will be essays or something else. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing you all there, and congrats to everyone who got in at Harrogate!
  10. Has anyone received details about the Knoxville interview format? I sent an email the other day and they said we should have received an email by yesterday or this morning with details, but I haven't heard anything yet and I hate to keep pestering them.
  11. I just received an interview invite from the Knoxville campus for Nov. 8.
  12. Just to clarify, most of these posts are about the Harrogate program, correct? I received a notification that my app for the Knoxville program was received early Sept. and they said that interviews won't start until Nov.; I havn't heard anything since. Is there a separate thread for the Knoxville program?
  13. They said 1-2 weeks so it's still early. From what I read from previous years, if you check the Self Service website (where you did the supplemental) and check under applications, it should update with your decision (mine still says "Applied" atm).
  14. I will be interviewing on the 14th. Looking forward to seeing everyone there, and best of luck to everyone!
  15. I just received an interview invite via email. They did not provide a date as of yet as they said that dates will be assigned based on the time of RSVPing, but they mentioned that you must RSVP by Sept. 3 or risk forfeiting your invitation (not sure if that's the last day they will be sending invitations, but I'd say it's unlikely). Best of luck to everyone!
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