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  1. Just received my waitlist offer. Best of luck to everyone else!
  2. The last interview day is Thurs., so perhaps they’re waiting to make final decisions after that.
  3. Yesterday I received an interview invite for next Thursday (12/6, a date they added), which they said would be the last round of interviews. Best of luck to my fellow bookends!
  4. I remember them saying they will do several passes. First picking up any outstanding candidates right away, then reviewing the others until they fill their cohort (+waitlist). The timeline I heard was 2-10 weeks, and that was 3 weeks ago, so (hopefully) there’s still a chance for those who haven’t heard anything yet. Congrats to those who got in though!
  5. Congratulations! Do you mind me asking when you interviewed and how they contacted you?
  6. An email I received also mentioned an essay portion. I’m not sure if you can say much about the details but I’d appreciate any advice or what we can expect.
  7. The email said that they’d begin reviewing the applicants who submitted the secondary app starting Oct 2, after the deadline. So it’s still not a gurantee.
  8. I also received the supplemental application as of about an hour ago.
  9. I received an interview for 9/21 as well a week ago or so. Everyone I've spoken to about the school says it's a fairly esteemed school, though I assume they're mainly talking about undergrad (I don't know anyone who actually went there, for what it's worth). From what I understand, they have a well established nursing program, and all the staff seem to be very experienced. It's a little concerning that it's such a new school, but I'm willing to check them out at the interview.
  10. I received an email that they had my application late in July, but I haven't heard anything since.
  11. I just received an email that they received my application (submitted earlier in July). Nothing other than that though.
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