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  1. Thank you for passing on this info! Definitely helps those of us who haven't heard anything for months! Hope your interview went well!
  2. I still haven't heard anything either!
  3. I agree with @scankidofhell. I am also a 3rd year applicant with the same undergrad GPA as you and I went back for a masters in biology and got a 3.57. While it helped me be a better student, it did not push my overall GPA over a 3.0 and I am sitting knee deep in rejections again this year. I feel like really hitting that 3.0 mark is the most convincing thing you can do. Now, if getting an MPH is something you're actually interested in, then that could be a way to get that 3.0 but if you aren't passionate about it, you can continue to piece together classes to help boost you up. Hope some part of my rambling helps at all haha
  4. GApeachPA

    South College-Atlanta

    The waiting is terrible! Have you reached out to them to see if they will tell you where your app sits? I can't decide if that would be useful for me to do or not...
  5. GApeachPA

    South College-Atlanta

    I haven't heard anything since the confirmation email that my file was complete. Anyone else in the same boat?
  6. I have not heard anything since the email notification that my file was complete. Anyone else is the same boat?
  7. I haven't either! The wait is dreadful!
  8. Me too! Got mine around the same time. Hopefully we are being reviewed soon!
  9. Yeah I noticed there wasn't any mention of rejection letters last year. Bummer, hopefully I am not the only one who got it ? Side question, I know you mentioned the balance between community work and study time but have you enjoyed the program overall so far?
  10. I actually did get a rejection email around mid-November last year so I think they do send out rejections along the way. I don't know anything about their process though so not much insight on who/when/how they decide to do it that way
  11. GApeachPA

    Rocky Vista 2018-2019 Application Cycle

    I also applied in June and haven't heard anything! You definitely aren't alone!
  12. GApeachPA

    Rocky Vista 2018-2019 Application Cycle

    I applied in June as well and haven't received anything past the receipt for the supplemental fee. When I checked in with them several weeks ago all they could tell me was my application was still in review so I have no idea where they are in the process, unfortunately.
  13. Finally got the "you meet our requirements" email. New waiting period here I come! Hope everyone is finding ways to stay sane and patient while we wait!
  14. Congratulations! When did you submit everything?
  15. Oh that's nice they were able to tell you something, I suppose! Did you ever get the confirmation of pre-requisite completion other people have been mentioning?

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