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  1. Congrats to everyone! People that have received interviews if you don't mind can you post you stats and/or message me separately, I just wanna see how far off I am from everyone as this was my 3rd time applying! Thank you in advance!
  2. do you mind sharing your stats?
  3. People that received interviews- do you mind sharing your stats?
  4. Just got my denial email. Good luck everyone
  5. Thank you so much for encouragement! It's so easy to get discouraged during this whole process but you're right- never give up if it's what you truly want!
  6. To people that got accepted- congrats! Do you mind sharing your stats? Thanks!
  7. I am in a similar situation. I've taken the GRE 3 times.. 1st time- 294 2nd time- 292 got a tutor and 3rd time got a 298, my problem is the verbal, my math is a 152- obviously can be improved as wel. This is my 2nd cycle applying and have been rejected from everywhere and getting very discouraged. I know I need to improve my GRE (my GPA meets criteria but not competitive and I have good HCE) and feeling lost as where to begin as I feel like this is the one thing holding me back. Do people recommend Magoosh or one of those crash courses that you sit through the entire weekend?
  8. Has anyone been invited to an interview yet that's not October 8th?
  9. When did you apply? I haven't heard anything either and getting pretty discouraged ?
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