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  1. I don’t think anyone has heard anything. If you check the 2019-2021 uab pa class thread, there is directions on how to join our groupme if you would like to join!
  2. Hey guys! I just received a call from Drace not even fifteen minutes ago, but I'm so excited about UAB! My name is Mary Kate and I also have a dog, but she's pretty chill and not super crazy. I will definitely be looking at houses too. I'm so excited for August!
  3. I just received a call from Drace!!!! Those who are still holding out hope, they are still calling people apparently. Good luck!!!
  4. Just so you guys know I gave up my spot on 11/20 for another program. Good luck to everyone on the waitlist. I know it's hard
  5. The deposit is due 11/20, so those on the waitlist should hear after that date
  6. They've started calling with acceptance calls! Good luck to everyone
  7. Did they allow you to rescheduled your interview? I'm running into the same issue for the Nov 1-2 interview session
  8. Wow! I didn't realize they Interview such a large cohort. Do you know how many they accept? And I do not know how many apps they received. My guess would be in the 1000s normally
  9. I just received an invitation to interview not even ten minutes ago! Check email. Good luck
  10. I'm curious about how many people they invited as well. It's interesting that they are doing half day interviews, I feel like it will have to be a small group for each interview session.
  11. They didn't mention how many interview rounds they were doing outside of the ones in October. I'm sure you guys could email the program and find out.
  12. Does anyone happen to know the dates for the interviews? I know it says October/November, but I was just curious if they state the dates somewhere
  13. I also received an interview invite today! Good luck to everyone!
  14. Everything PopPA said earlier in this thread pretty much covers it! There are two interviews, where two or three faculty members members ask 2-3 questions. They give presentations and you get to see a tour of the school. Any specific questions about it other than that?
  15. I also received an interview invite today for Oct.19th! This will be my second time interviewing at LMU.
  16. I also applied here! After I completed the applications back in July, they sent an email saying they would reach back out in August. I still haven't heard anything yet.
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