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  1. Has anyone not received an email either offering an interview or a rejection? I have not heard back from the program and I do not know if there is a possibility they are still extending offers or not
  2. Has anyone been pulled off waitlist? I know there are a few more interview sessions but I am wondering the likelihood of being taken off the wait list before the program begins
  3. i know that they are in the middle of finals too...maybe they wont email until after labor day?
  4. I received an interview this morning! Was offered the choice of either 7/29 or 8/19. I submitted at the beginning of June
  5. yes they email it to you with the subject line "Student Center Login Credentials - UT Southwestern Medical Center" then give you directions for log in to complete a residency questionnairee. I received mine 3 days after i was verified so i would email them
  6. I was verified on 6/9. Should I have received an email that my application is being processed?
  7. I was waitlisted for an interview. Anyone reapplying that would be able to give insight into this?
  8. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your feedback and congrats!
  9. for anyone who has had an interview, would you be able to give any advice or insight into what the process is like? its my first cycle and first time interviewing so im extra nervous
  10. I got an interview invite for July 20th. Lmk if anyone else is going as well!
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