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  1. You only need to submit your personal statement and recommendation letter once per application cycle. The 2019-2020 application cycle will open up in May, and at that point you can start submitting all of the information you need. For CASPA, you are going to write one general personal statement that will be sent to all schools as you submit your CASPA app to each program that you want. Once you submit your CASPA application to one program, you will no longer be able to edit your personal statement, and I think you can edit recommendation letters up until the point that the recommender submits the letter of recommendation through CASPA. After that point, you can’t delete or change that recommendation. The whole CASPA application will be pretty much the same when sent to each program. Any additional or more program specific questions or essays will be in secondary applications, which are specific to a given program. You need a minimum of three recommendations and a max of five. I submitted five, and the schools I applied to just selected the three relevant ones that fit what they were looking for. As for patient care hours, they will tell you to provide phone numbers, address, and a description of what you did. Each school will decide what to do with that info. Some call, some don’t. Some may want verification, but none that I applied to seemed to be too strict or crazy about it.
  2. Lol exactly like everyone is saying, being waitlisted is far better than being rejected or not getting an interview at all. You’re still within the top 5 to 10 percent of all applicants in that schools eyes, they just don’t have enough room to admit everyone that they like. If you were second string, you would be rejected. PA schools get hundreds to thousands of applications each year for well under 100 spots, so I really don’t think they would allow anyone who they considered second string to enter their program. They don’t have to accept the projected number that they advertise on their site. They’re going to let those individuals in that they feel will legitimately represent their program the best and who fit the personality of the program. So if you were waitlisted, they obviously feel that you would be a great fit, but they just don’t have enough seats at the moment....and that may have been due to when you applied or interviewed, and not necessarily because of anything about you. If you’re offered a seat off the waitlist I’d definitely take it if I were you, and honestly wouldn’t think twice about it later.
  3. Yes, an attrition rate of 50 percent is definitely not normal! Something really needs to happen at your school because that is crazy. The program that I have chosen to attend has an overall attrition rate of 3 percent and a PANCE pass rate of 100 percent over the past 5 years, and they stress keeping the attrition rate well under 5 percent! Really sorry that you and your classmates have to go through all of that! Just adds stress to an already high stress situation! Wish you all the best!
  4. Your GPA definitely seems fine! My GPA was around the same, and I received an interview to almost every program that I applied to without much of a problem If you want to do anything else to improve your chances, I'd say to continue building up PCE and apply as early as possible! Applying early probably helped out tremendously. Other than that, take your personal statement seriously and don't rush it. You should be fine.
  5. It seems like they all do it the same way, but from what I can remember from my interview, which was back in August, they said they typically go pretty deep into the alternate list! I doubt they are going to put an abundance of people on the alternate list, so being an alternate definitely isn't the worst outcome you could have! Remember, as daydreamy stated, they expect about half of those people who are accepted to decline their offer, which is likely around the same with other NOVA campuses. Each campus has classes of like 60-70 students, which means that they probably expect like 30 individuals to decline their acceptance offer. Even if you are an alternate at multiple campuses, that would just give you an even better chance of getting into one of the campuses, or even another campus that you interviewed at. And also, the accept hold list is more than likely a fraction of the size of the alternate list, and honestly several individuals on the accept hold list could receive offers elsewhere and withdraw themselves from the accept hold list! If you want to get into one of the NOVA campuses, there seems to still be plenty of opportunity to do so, so I would not worry as much about the lists and just make sure to have the best possible interview that you can. If the best you can do is get yourself put on the accept hold list, you will more than likely get in, especially when considering the fact that I've heard that they go a good ways into the alternate list to fill their classes. In the end, they have to go through the accept hold list before the alternate list, so just do the best you can to have a great interview!
  6. I applied late July/ early August and just interviewed this past weekend!! So getting an interview is definitely not impossible Awesome interview experience by the way! Everyone was so nice and accommodating, and the facilities were super impressive. There’s still more interview invites to go out, so no need to worry at this point in time! It’s a huge waiting game for us all unfortunately.
  7. Just depends on what you say you did in the description. If you are actually coming in direct contact and actually playing a role in their care while in the hospital, whether that means taking their vitals, hygiene, glucose checks, IV's, etc, then that is PCE. If you are a unit clerk or something similar and your job consists of like answering the phone, putting together packets for patients leaving by EMS, moving patients on and off your department's floor, etc, then that's HCE. But if your job incorporates both, or your cross trained, then I'd just list it as PCE and have a good description of my responsibilities.
  8. Yeah, I was in a similar situation and was told by one of my schools to say PCE in that case. It should be obvious in your description that it was healthcare experience as well. For instance, in a couple of my previous jobs as a tech within the ED and ICU, I would sometimes cover for the unit clerks when needed. But in the end, I'd just categorize it as PCE and then give a good description of your role and responsibilities. PCE is often preferred anyways!
  9. I got this email after being accepted, so i'm guessing it's more like a chain email.I guess after being accepted, your sharklink account becomes active and they send out all of those emails, etc.
  10. I was in the first interview session and received my acceptance a day after interviewing, and I still haven't taken medical terminology. I heard as long as you have everything finished before you matriculate, then you'll be fine. Another guy who was at my interview session won't even finish undergrad until May, a couple of weeks before classes start for the PA class of 2021, and he was accepted as well!
  11. Just received an interview invite for October 13th!! I applied pretty late into July, so was surprised to be invited so soon! Exciting! Good luck to everyone else throughout the whole process!
  12. Thanks a lot!! Yes, it was via email. They told me that my interview date was on the 28th and then told me to rsvp. I was given the option between morning and afternoon. I chose the morning!!
  13. I just received an interview invite for 9/28!
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