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  1. jtexasb

    VA HPSP 2020

    Thanks! So you are saying there is still a chance!
  2. jtexasb

    VA HPSP 2020

    I was placed on the alternate list a week ago also with the same wording, but I happened to check the website today and my status says "Cancelled." Not sure that is a great thing but I have not received any email saying I was removed from the alternate list. Has anyone else seen this and knows what it means beyond the obvious?
  3. Colorado Mesa University Grand Junction, Colorado https://www.coloradomesa.edu/kinesiology/graduate/pa-program/index.html
  4. Good luck to you! Obviously I was holding out hope to get the call, but admittedly I was surprised by the call today. I probably sounded like a goofball on the phone.
  5. I was pulled from waitlist today and offered a seat! Super excited to start this journey at Colorado Mesa and can't wait to meet my classmates!
  6. The interviews are 2 one-on-one with faculty and very laid back. I was under the impression they were already very familiar with you as an applicant and wanted to get to know you better and if you would be a good fit for the program. I've had two interviews this cycle and this one by far was the most relaxed and the most comfortable I felt. Good luck!
  7. Just got a phone call and acceptance! Good luck everyone.
  8. Waitlist for me too! Better than a "nope!"
  9. My flight arrives in Grand Junction at 4 and I would be up for meeting that evening also.
  10. That makes sense. Good luck to you on that day!
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