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  1. The interviews are 2 one-on-one with faculty and very laid back. I was under the impression they were already very familiar with you as an applicant and wanted to get to know you better and if you would be a good fit for the program. I've had two interviews this cycle and this one by far was the most relaxed and the most comfortable I felt. Good luck!
  2. Just got a phone call and acceptance! Good luck everyone.
  3. Waitlist for me too! Better than a "nope!"
  4. My flight arrives in Grand Junction at 4 and I would be up for meeting that evening also.
  5. That makes sense. Good luck to you on that day!
  6. I would think if you RSVPd the invite and the school confirmed your RSVP through email then it is correct. It is interesting that nobody else on this forum has mentioned they recieved invite for the 18th. Of course not all applicants are necessarily on the forum
  7. I was under the impression the 19th was the first date but I could be wrong. Did you receive an interview for the 18th?
  8. League City outside of Houston.
  9. Thank you! Submitted and verified May 12th and email from CMU on May 15th. They contacted me today by email. I am coming from Texas!
  10. I accepted an interview for July 19th this morning! I am very excited as CMU is my first choice. Good luck to everyone and I hope to meet some of you there!
  11. Recieved interview invite today for the 13th of September! Good luck to everyone.
  12. I could be wrong but I do not believe interview invites have been sent out yet. Last year the first interview date was at the beginning of August and I believe invites went out starting in July. Also last year they had 16 seats and I believe this year that number has been increased to 20 seats.
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