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  1. I am a second career student looking for shadowing opportunities in the Houston/Galveston area. I have 19 years as a police officer and currently serve as a EMT/SWAT Medic. I am open to any opportunity and I won't bite.
  2. Thanks for the replies. It's a little frustrating but understood. I will see how this works out come April!
  3. I am trying to see if anyone has run into a similar circumstance and see what the outcome may have been. I have a BS in Psychology and completed the degree in 2012, so several of my core Psych course were completed over 10 years ago, to include Abnormal Psych and Developmental Psych. Numerous programs I am interested in require these two course be completed as Pre-Req and have been completed within the last ten years. I'm wondering how PA programs handle this requirement when an applicants undergrad degree is in Psychology. Has anyone experienced something similar?
  4. Curious if anyone else has received an interview invite yet?
  5. Thank you! That's an answer I like. I do agree and I would rather not stress about it.
  6. I am currently taking Organic Chemistry, but have already completed all other pre-requisites to include Biochemistry with an A (Science GPA 3.8). My top school choices require either Organic Chemistry or Biochemistry or neither; however, after the 2018 application cycle turned up with no results for me (Applied really late ...Lessons learned!) I became concerned I was not applying to enough schools. Several others schools that interested me have the Organic Chemistry requirement, so in an effort to expand my choices I started taking Organic Chem. Now as life is happening, I find myself becoming very busy as I prepare for the 2019 cycle. I am studying for the GRE, working full time, teaching part time and raising a family, so needless to say I am behind in the class and I am considering dropping. My concern is that the withdrawal on my transcript will raise red flags even if the schools I apply to do not directly require Organic Chemistry. Is this a legitimate concern and should I just tough it out? Looking for opinions. Thanks
  7. Can any of the current students say how many interview dates UTMB had last year and how many applicants are in each interview round? I know on average they interview about 280 to 300.
  8. @TayPrePA Congratulations! When did you submit your application? I submitted really late and not very confident I applied early enough.
  9. @Goodpa13 congrats!!! curious what time you recieved the email? Seems they send out at the end of the day and I'm sitting here fingers crossed that I get an invite sometime this week also.
  10. @PAsRock Congratulations! When did you interview?
  11. @dwang92 I can't remember for sure but when I paid the $50.00 fee there may have been an option. You could go through the fee process on their website and see if the option pops up.
  12. @Fizzassist thanks again! That's a little more reassuring
  13. @Fizzassist do you know if your interview date was the first round of interviews?
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