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  1. I received an email on Monday letting me know that they are closing the cycle. While I didn't get off the waitlist, I've been accepted to two other programs. The news was a bummer, but I hope everyone that was accepted excels with this program!!
  2. I was accepted off the waitlist on 3/11 but have declined my seat to go elsewhere. I hope that someone else has the opportunity to become a PA because of it!!! Good luck! (Interviewed 7/13/18)
  3. Has anyone heard any updates? At my interview, they mentioned a mid-march deadline after which they would not be accepting any more students from the wait-list, so I'm wondering if they've fully seated the class for this cycle. I saw someone say they were accepted off the wait-list in April last year, so I'm not sure how strict the deadline they mentioned is!
  4. Excited to say that I've been accepted in to the program!! Interviewed 1/31, my portal updated today. Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted and good luck to everyone waiting to interview or hear back
  5. I was able to move my interview up to Jan. 31st! Can anyone tell me how long to expect the interview to be? I am registered for the 8 AM session, and would like to fly out the same day but don't want to book my flight too close to the interview.
  6. I was just offered an interview! The only date that was available as of right now was March 21st. I'm hoping to see something a little sooner pop up, but otherwise I will be there in March
  7. I'm on the alternate list as well! Interviewed 12/6, I'm going to be waiting on the edge of my seat until I hear more news Congrats @Vickscity!!!
  8. Hello all! I'm interviewing this Thursday, 12/6. I am definitely excited to check out the campus and learn more about the program. Any advice or insight is always welcome Submitted 10/4 Received 11/8 Invited 11/12
  9. Hi everyone! Does anyone know if Mercyhurst will be holding anymore interviews??
  10. Got an email on 10/5 that I'm on the wait-list! I'll take wait-list over a no, especially for this program as I was insanely impressed at my interview. I'm hoping to get better news after the cycle closes in February, fingers crossed!
  11. Got a call on Thursday for an interview as well, I'll be attending on September 12th. I hope to see some of you there, good luck!
  12. Hey everyone, I just received a phone call for an interview! They sent me an email to select a date, I'll be attending on September 12th. I hope to see some of you there, good luck!
  13. Hey Jpalm sorry for the delay! The interview was a great experience, the faculty are all very friendly and there was a recent graduate to answer all of our questions. I prepared by finding a ton of online PA school-specific interview questions and drilled them over and over, and I identified the ones I thought were the most important and practiced writing my answers to those. I also had someone practice interviewing me. Do your best to relax on the day of the interview, and use your personal experiences as that is what sets you apart. You are there for a reason, something grabbed their interest!
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