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  1. Nothing! Hoping that means they are really taking time to read and review ;(
  2. Has anyone received rejection emails at all?
  3. What would I even say?! Lol “he don’t look at those horrible scores”
  4. This is an interesting point. I automatically sent my husband’s scores for all schools we applied for but his GRE is his weakest point. He has amazing PCE, GPA, essays and passion but the GRE will hurt. OHSU doesn’t require, butnwill they see it and use it?
  5. Submitted 6/10 and verified 6/15- suprized that I’m seeing decisions coming 2 weeeks or so
  6. Hello all! application submitted 6/10 and verified 6/15! Here’s to hoping we aren’t waiting the 10 weeks. OHSU 1st choice of my 13 applications.

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