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  1. JackTorres

    Financial aid?

    Good afternoon! Thanks again for all of your kind and detailed responses. i applied for FAFSA as an independent and it returned preliminary results: EFC: 019580 Direct Stafford loan estimate: 18500 What does this mean? Thank you kindly!
  2. JackTorres

    Financial aid?

    The spouses don’t need to co-sign do they? I assume the financial aid and loans are only signed for by the students without obligating the spouse?
  3. JackTorres

    Financial aid?

    Thank you for all of your kind replies. I’m very grateful for the insight. One more question, so realistically to get $100,000 in total across the 2-3 years to cover PA school is a very realistic expectation for someone with little savings?
  4. JackTorres

    Financial aid?

    Does cost of attendance include room and board and books?
  5. JackTorres

    Financial aid?

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to me in detail. It is very much appreciated! So i assume I need to file for financial aid as an independent vs. dependent? Would I need to claim my spouses income? Thanks a million!
  6. JackTorres

    Financial aid?

    I got accepted to PA school and I need some advice with financial aid such as grants and loans. Although we (myself and significant other) have very little savings, my spouses income is a little high. Can you provide any advice/guidance? I read that we need to fill out the FAFSA and then go from there. It seems the Stafford Loan might be the most practical option. The school alone costs almost $100,000 for tuition not counting books or room and board. I read that the financial aid can generally cover 100% of tuition including books and room and board. Is this accurate/realistic? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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