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  1. I just received my acceptance e-mail to South University off the waitlist!! I am very excited, as this was one of my top choices. Does anyone know the Facebook group I can join?
  2. I also accepted an invite for October 10th! I'm so nervous, because I never expected to receive one from Wake Forest. Hope to see all of you there!
  3. Seeing all these acceptances are making me more nervous haha. There's probably about 20 seats taken now! Congratulations to everyone.
  4. I have not taken the CASPer test yet (I am taking it this evening, actually), and I received an interview on June 13th for July 10th/11th.
  5. May I ask you guys how the interviews were for you, and also what you guys think you did that were positives? My interview is on July 11th, and I am very nervous and want to present myself in the best possible light. Thanks!
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