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  1. Hi all! Has anyone heard anything regarding interviews yet?
  2. Thank you for your offer! I was wondering what your feelings on application timeline were. I wanted to submit right away, however due to a new course I'm taking, the transcript is from a different school and won't be finalized and verified likely until June 1st. Hoping this wouldn't make me less competitive but who knows! When did you submit your application?
  3. Basically was trying to ask if the waitlist to interview ends after the two dates. I know they only have two interview dates, so I am assuming the waitlist to interview ends there, but I know some schools will occasionally interview a few people after the dates are over. Hopefully that makes more sense!
  4. Does anyone know if they hold any one off interviews for those that were waitlisted after the dates in December? Or basically we are waitlisted to interview until December 18th?
  5. Congratulations everyone! Sadly I have been waitlisted, which stinks because I interviewed last year. Not sure if They would do admissions without an interview so I agree that the wording is strange
  6. I’m anticipating that we will be hearing soon because they typically have given over a month notice in the past! Do we think that they will be virtual?
  7. Does anyone know when interview invites will be sent out?
  8. Has anyone who applied early July hear back yet regarding interviews? I think I applied July 1st!
  9. For those of you that reached out for an application update, did they actually respond? This is my top choice program and I am getting nervous
  10. I left a message with the office and received a voicemail from christine. she said that historically invites do not get sent out until octoberish and that interviews would be virtual this year.!
  11. has anyone called to check on the status of their application if they have not heard regarding interviews yet?
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