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  1. They did not say how many seats but you guys still have a shot at getting in.
  2. The director called me today to offer me a seat and I am very excited. There are still a few more seats available. Don't give up!
  3. Remember they are still dealing with getting off probationary status this month. They might be more worried about that and less about notifying students that they are selected for a seat.
  4. Got the coveted phone call for an interview on November 20. Happy dance!!!
  5. B.A Medical Anthropology Cum GPA 3.66 Science GPA 3.26 Health care hours 16,000 hours as a Combat Medic. Half the hours working in the emergency room and the other half on 4 combat deployment. 300 volunteer hours
  6. I applied and was a Navy corpsman with 8 years and four combat deployments(2 Iraq, 2 Afghanistan) with the Marine infantry.
  7. How many of the people that applied are Veterans?
  8. I think the interview process should include an obstacle course for PA's. One event could be how fast cant you edit a paper and print it. Then you move on to a doing CPR on a dummy for 6 minutes. Followed by how quickly you can change from normal clothes to scrubs. Also you would have to piece back together a full skeleton (timed). The final obstacle would be how far you could walk across red hot coals barefoot. This would weed out a lot of people that didn't have the heart for becoming PA's.
  9. I went back to the CASPA website to double check my email address had not been changed. Even though I got the confirmation from them when I submitted my application.
  10. Has anyone received a email, phone call, mailed letter, smoke signal, messenger pigeon , telegraph, or other form of communication from UC Davis about invites?
  11. One more day closer to an interview invitation or rejection letter. Ready for something so that I can drink for having a chance to interview or drink to a rejection letter.
  12. There is the link. https://unrmed.formstack.com/forms/pa_applicant_secondary_evaluation
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