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  1. Hey, not sure if somebody responded to this yet. As far as books go, I personally haven't bought any except the EKG book (which isnt needed until break after quarter 3) - there is a magical Dropbox (PDFs) that we will be passing down - IF I have ever needed a book there was a PDF or there was a copy in the library at school and I would just come here to study from it or take a picture to look at later. The one book I did that with I think is called Bates: guide to physical exam, you use it for 3 quarters in clinical assesment. It has really helpful tables that break down diseases state
  2. A big draw to this program for me was the fact that we are the only program they have. Some other PA schools also have like MD, PT under the same building. You only really share the building with the class above for one quarter before they go on rotations, tons of little study spots and the staff is very available for any questions or help you may need. As far as other exciting things, we have one person in our class that comes up with a "class outing" at something going on in the community. This past weekend it was a farmers market/fair thing. Other than that exciting things come from the fri
  3. What kind of information? May be able to answer some questions if you had specific ones
  4. Got the email today, not being offered an interview Good luck to everyone !
  5. I was called earlier today with an offer, I interviewed in the second group, early August and was placed on the waitlist a within a week of interviewing.
  6. Just got a denial interviewed mid sept good luck to everyone out there
  7. Those who interviewed today. Did micheal say how many spots they’ve offered or accepted?? also anyone from 9/14 have you heard anything
  8. Submitted: 06/07 Verified: 06/12 Secondary app received: 06/12 submitted: 06/13 Called them like 2 weeks ago said the same thing to me
  9. offered interview today. picked 24th sept. rest are in December
  10. Got email today. Didn’t get an interview this cycle. Good luck to everyone else!
  11. according to older forums they start communicating with people in September. and interviews are offered thro January
  12. offered an interview today. took a few days because they wanted an additional letter of recommendation. application submitted June 18th interview August 10th.
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