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  1. I am only on week 3 and we are still online as of now but given the current circumstances the faculty has been extremely supportive and I have learned a lot in the short amount of time! I have also really enjoyed getting to know some classmates and feel like the program makes a significant effort to have an eclectic mix of students from different ages and backgrounds
  2. First year NU PA-S here to pop in and say good luck to everyone applying this year!!
  3. I know it is frustrating to wait but the current accepted students have an online platform to connect on and from the number of people signed up on it (assuming everyone who has officially accepted their offer signed up for it) the class is not entirely full yet and at the interview they mentioned that everyone who interviewed would still be in consideration until the class was completely full. I don't think it would be unreasonable to follow up and ask when you could expect to hear by but I am positive if the class was completely full they would have notified people!
  4. Part of it was just the general vibe because at other student panels I have been to the students have been so enthusiastic and proud of their program with so many specific reasons why they chose it. When someone asked why they chose stanford over other programs 3 people said they didn't get in anywhere else and one person said they were set to go to duke but then chose stanford because it's closer to her family and she has children who it would be nice to have support taking care of. And when asked whether the stanford name was worth the cost one student literally replied that the name of where you graduate from doesn't matter much. Don't get me wrong I think the facilities were incredible, the faculty seemed amazing and the electives seemed like a very unique opportunity- I was just disappointed by that one aspect of the interview day
  5. I have not, but did anyone else feel like the student panel was pretty negative? I loved the info session and tour but I felt kind of discouraged after that part
  6. I don't think so! I know there is still an interview date in November and there may be one in december too
  7. Definitely doesn’t mean you’re out of the running! Some rolling admissions start interviewing in June, others much later like November! You can look at the school specific thread to see if they started inviting people to interview under “physician assistant schools” but even then there was one school that people who applied after me started getting invited to interview before me and I still got one!
  8. There was 30 people and they said they would have 4-5 interview sessions total! I had a great experience at the interview it was laid back and conversational and the faculty and facilities seem great!
  9. I just got an invite for September 20/21 but I have an interview already that day so I am hoping they will let me come to the october date!!!
  10. They gave two September dates and 3 October ones so a big variety but she said to email with what options work for you and I haven’t gotten a confirmed date out of the ones I said I was available for
  11. I never said that working with PAs doesn’t have benefits, I actually said that I worked alongside PAs at my job as an MA and that I wrote about how I worked with them in my personal statement as well as my job description in CASPA. This had a huge impact on my decision to apply to PA school, however, some schools do have minimum shadowing hour requirements and if you’re being paid as an MA that is counting towards PCE and not shadowing when you’re logging hours in CASPA.
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