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  1. I never said that working with PAs doesn’t have benefits, I actually said that I worked alongside PAs at my job as an MA and that I wrote about how I worked with them in my personal statement as well as my job description in CASPA. This had a huge impact on my decision to apply to PA school, however, some schools do have minimum shadowing hour requirements and if you’re being paid as an MA that is counting towards PCE and not shadowing when you’re logging hours in CASPA.
  2. Scribing is not usually considered PCE. if you want to diversify your hours you can get your CNA and keep your PT tech job until you finish the certification! I have half my hours from being a rehab aide which is essentially the same thing however i would say i spend 90% of my time with patients doing exercises and such and I like the job!
  3. Got an email today giving a status update saying that after a preliminary review I would likely be sent an interview invite soon. They said they interview on Tuesdays throughout the fall with the first date being September 10
  4. If you’re on the clock during those times then it doesn’t count. I did this too as an MA and I wrote about it in my PS and the job description but shadowing needs to be when you’re not being paid and your only responsibility is to observe
  5. I submitted early, like the last week in May! Don’t consider yourself out of the running at all, they will have plenty more interview dates
  6. At an open house they did say earlier interviews have a better shot because by later dates they would’ve already sent out a fair amount of acceptances but their application deadline isn’t until December and their website says they interview July-January so I’m sure there will be more slots after us!
  7. Just got an interview invite! I put myself on the waitlist for September but signed up for October
  8. i originally got the interview hold email but from what I understand i am attending the first round of interviews so I am not sure what the interview hold thing even means lol
  9. Just got invited to interview for the weekend of Aug 23-24!
  10. cgpa and sgpa 3.97, just above 1,300 hours at the time of submission half as an MA half as a PT aide. also have experience researching, volunteering at the VA, and shadowing!
  11. It sounds like they’ve only sent out interview holds and not actual invites yet! A girl who interviewed last year said she was put on hold at first and that’s what they do for almost everyone but obviously that’s just what one person told me!
  12. I’m from Chicago I would love to meet Sunday!
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