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  1. in CASPA you put your start date, how many hours you have worked and hours per week for your total thus far. then it asks whether it is a current position or to provide an end date so you will put current position so they know you are still working that job. some schools, like northwestern, will count hours forward. Depends on the program!
  2. It depends on the specific programs. For example, some programs like Rosalind Franklin and Rush start interviewing as early as July and start filling their class right away. Other programs like UW-Madison does not start interviewing until January/ they do not do rolling admissions so in this case you would be fine. I would look at the threads for the programs you want to go to and see when they started interviewing or look on the program's website to see whether they utilize rolling admissions or not!
  3. My advice is whoever knows you better and can write a more personalized letter!
  4. My grades are going to be up by may 17th and i am waiting until i can verify those grades on CASPA! I think programs like to see how you did not just in progress and applying in may is still considered applying early
  5. yes you have to send transcripts from both the colleges you attended and list all the classes you have taken at both. Since you list all the courses you took at each plus what grade you got it doesn't matter how your credits transferred because they will see the 5 credit course and your grade from what you enter under your classes from that first school where you actually took the class
  6. I ordered a book for like 20$ off Amazon called "GRE Prep Plus 2018" and it is a Kaplan book that came with a ton of online modules with full math and verbal sections, practice essays, and 2 full practice tests. I thought the best way to study was just to do a bunch of practice problems and for the writing I read the sample ones on the ETS website. I would also suggest doing the full practice tests that ETS provides when you sign up for the GRE. The textbook also has explanations on math and verbal concepts but I honestly didn't really ever read it For vocab I also used a free app called "Magoosh GRE vocab" and memorized all of the common words and they appeared on the test a lot. I have no affiliation to any of these sources but this is what I used to study for the GRE and I got a 319, good luck!
  7. I have been told that it is not the title of your job that matters as much as the description! So if a lot of your job involves doing hand on stuff with patients, as long as you emphasize that in your activity description it should count. But you could always reach out to specific programs and ask to make sure!
  8. If you think you are going to do well in these science courses I definitely think it is worth it to wait to submit applications until these grades are finalized so that programs can see that you retook them and did well as opposed to you submitting while they're still in progress. Applying in May is still considered applying early!
  9. I used the free app "Magoosh GRE vocab" and used flashcards to study the "most common words", there's so many that the app provides and a lot of them actually came up on the exam. I would suggest not just reading the definition of the word and reading the example sentence they provide with it, making sure you know how it would be used in context!
  10. almost all of the schools I am applying to do not specify O chem as a prereq but many require biochem and o chem is a pre req to take that class, so for these schools o chem won't affect your pre req GPA but will affect your science GPA
  11. A few different jobs that I can think of that don't require certifications PT Aide- places like athletico, involves ultrasound treatments, helping patients with exercises and stretches and such there are some nursing homes, VAs, other places that hire people to do CNA type work without requiring CNA certification private in home caregiving PCT (patient care tech) some places like planned parenthood hire medical assistants and train on the job hope that those suggestions are helpful for getting started!
  12. I might be remembering wrong but I think the options were "completed" or "planned/in progress" but either way you are able to show future courses without being enrolled in them!
  13. in progress just means you are planning on taking it and in CASPA you can show which classes you plan on taking in the fall and in the spring and instead of putting a grade in you would put "in progress" to show u plan on taking these so you do not have to wait until you're enrolled
  14. I agree with the post above! So many schools vary in what they require or do not so it is important you reach out to the schools that you want to apply to and either look at their website to see if your courses fit their descriptions or that you reach out to the schools individually and ask to clarify. Good luck!
  15. Some programs also say they want you to be above the 50th percentile for each section so if your scores meet that you should be fine! I also think it would only be worth retaking if you think you could improve since it is expensive to take. Personally i used a Kaplan textbook that was only like 30$ on Amazon and it came with online modules with practice verbal and quant sections and i used the free magoosh gre vocab app which helped my vocab score a lot by knowing all the common words. Good luck!
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