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  1. Definitely medical assistant. Many programs do not count scribing as PCE
  2. Sure! My cumulative and science gpa we’re both 3.97 and i have about 1,300 hours at time of submission but i believe they count forward hours! Gre 319
  3. just received an email invitation to interview on july 29th!! Submitted 5/20
  4. congrats! do you mind sharing when you submitted? I submitted 5/20 and havent heard back yet
  5. From CASPER: Thanks for reaching out. Stanford University PA joined CASPer over the last day or so and their information has not yet been input into the CASPer account as a distribution option. Our team will be adding them to our system shortly, so please check back in on Monday and you should be able to add them to your CASPer distribution list! I apologize for any confusion that this may have caused you. To add Stanford University PA to your distribution list, click the pencil icon on your reservations page. After selecting the program, you will need to submit a payment in order to confirm your selection.
  6. I used the chat box on Casper to ask them and they said they’ll respond on Monday. If they don’t then I’ll email the program but if anyone wants to reach out to the program directly that works too!!
  7. I just got an email from Stanford asking me to take CASPER but I already took it in May and I think you can only take it once a cycle. I clicked on add a school to send my score to and I don't see stanford on the list of options to send my score to, anyone else having this issue?
  8. I just did today! It said that they’ll be sending out interview invites between early August and October
  9. For vocabulary i studied with the free magoosh gre vocab app and memorized a bunch of the “common words”. A lot actually appeared and i scored very high for verbal so i would focus on doing that and getting above 150!
  10. i would do that! i went to an information session there and they said you can write about anything and they very strongly advised that all applicants fill it out
  11. it could just be a generic email that they used last year so hopefully they start letting people know earlier since they sent the supplementals out earlier!
  12. taking the test opens up so many more options for programs and i only studied for 10 days and did well on it. will knowing geometry and random vocab make you a better PA- probably not. will it give you way more options for not that much effort-yes
  13. Their confirmation email said: ”Candidates will be notified about interview decisions beginning in August through late October. Due to the large number of applicants, we ask that you refrain from contacting the Program unless you have not heard from us by December 15.”
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