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  1. Received an interview invite, but will be turning it down! Hopefully this opens up space for someone else. Best of luck this cycle
  2. Just received an interview for October 20!!! So excited and can’t wAit!
  3. Declined my interview offer today. Hope this opens up the door for someone else!
  4. Received an invite to interview this morning, but will be turning it down. Good luck to everyone!
  5. Just confirmed my interview for October 10! So excited and cannot wait ?
  6. Thank for the advice! Can you give any insight on what the interview day is like? Individual vs group vs MMI interviews? Thanks!
  7. Also received an interview invite today!! Beyond excited ?
  8. Every 30 min a faculty member for each group will come get you for the interview. It is an individual interview, but you will be with 3 Rutgers faculty or PA students/alumn. You will do great, just be yourself! I prepped by thinking of potential interview questions as well as looking online at common interview questions. Also try to get in at least 1 mock interview before the actual one just to practice!
  9. Thank you! I can’t give too much away but the best advice I can say is don’t worry about this section! You don’t need to prepare for it and they give you about 20-30 min to complete. Try not to stress!! They just want to get to know you! ? good luck in your interview
  10. This is not true. They look at all applicants equally - it may seem like they pull from the surrounding area but it’s probably because more applicants apply around that particular area to the school. I interviewed 7/19 and I am from California. There were many of us from the Midwest and west coast
  11. Yes I got that email on 6/18. And yes this is my first year applying to PA school. Sports Medicine major from Pepperdine. GPA: 3.8 sGPA: 3.68 PCE/HCE: 3000 hours as MA
  12. Thank you! Applied 6/11 and verified 6/18
  13. I will be interviewing September 7th as well! See you there!
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