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  1. I got accepted! Any one from my group today hear back already?
  2. Hey yall! I have an interview next week! How was it for those that already had one?
  3. Well I'm disappointed but is it weird to feel a little relieved? That $150,000 in student loans scared me! lol Rooting for yall!
  4. I would really love to know why they want to send decisions out a few at a time lol
  5. Sooo do we think today we'll hear something? It's been officially three weeks since the conclusion of the last interview
  6. Would you mind sharing your specific grievances with the program rather than speaking in vague terms, either here or via private message where your anonymity would further be protected? I've had interviews with programs that I did NOT feel confident in that schools ability to provide a decent education. Although I overall had a positive experience at EVMS I would love to hear your perspective. Sarah
  7. several of us haven't heard anything. I guess they are waiting to get all 80 deposits before finalizing the waitlist
  8. I was curious about that too. If it's truly points based then the people who were offered first wave interviews will automatically be more favored, right? I was a third wave interview but maybe I'm reading too deep into it.
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