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  1. Thank you all for these wonderful suggestions! I will definitely look into them and will probably buy quite a few of them. I was looking for something to read while I am waiting for interviews/job offers.
  2. Hello All, I am a new graduate, and I have been approached by a few urgent cares looking for a PA. While I wait on my licensure, I was looking for the best book to buy as a new graduate looking to get into Emergency Medicine/Urgent Care. Preferably a book with patient presentation, differentials, labs to order, treatment, etc. I want something that will help sum up information and that will be a great aid while in the clinic. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance.
  3. hlb99

    New Grad PA Job

    Thank you so much for all of your help! I will definitely keep applying. Calling HR is a great idea as well as contacting alumni at the universities. Resume is already posted on Indeed as well! I agree, it's a double edged sword, but I am sure the right opportunity will come along.
  4. hlb99

    New Grad PA Job

    I have not officially moved yet, but I am in the area for weeks at a time with a significant other. I plan on moving to the area in July. I have looked in many areas surrounding Brighton, including Ann Arbor, Novi, Livonia, etc. The reason I do not want to be in downtown Detroit is because my significant other and his family live in Howell, Brighton, and Milford. I have looked into the commute to Detroit in the morning, and it would take 2 hours with the traffic. Do you suggest calling HR at one of the local hospitals and speaking with them directly? My program does have an alumni group. That is a great suggestion, thank you. I was hoping to get a job and starting working by September at the latest. Do you happen to know any local PA's or physicians I could network with?
  5. Hello All! I am new to the forum, but decided to join because I had a few questions that my fellow PA's would be best at answering. I am a new graduate and recently passed my PANCE (yay!). I am from Pennsylvania, but am relocating to Brighton, Michigan for personal reasons. I have been applying for jobs since before my graduation, and I have not heard back much for interviews. I have used sites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, AAPA, MAPA, panpworld, hospital specific career pages, etc. I have applied for my Michigan State Licensure, although I know it takes weeks to get back. For those of you who relocated to a specific area where you had few connections and did not have a job before graduation, how long did it take to find the right job? I have taken my Pennsylvania address off of my resume/CV. Any other suggestions for how to get noticed? I have cold called offices, urgent cares, etc. to ask if they are hiring. Do any of you know of any positions within 30 miles of Brighton, MI where they would be willing to take a new graduate? If you have any other suggestions for relocation and jobs for new graduates, it would be greatly appreciated!

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