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  1. Hi everyone, There are many programs that allow you to have 1-2 courses in progress at the time of application submission. I have two courses left to take - one in the summer & one in the fall. Do I have to be currently enrolled in the course to say that it’s in progress? Meaning, do I have to wait to apply until the fall since then I will be actually in the course? I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance!
  2. Exactly. I was wondering where people’s scribe experiences came from. When I read through some threads, there wasn’t any mention of people being scribes through ScribeAmerica, etc, so I was confused as to whether people were employed by these companies or through the hospitals/clinics themselves. For example, my local hospital currently has a job ad out for a medical scribe. So, i was wondering if people were working through the facilities or through companies. I hope that makes sense!
  3. Hi everyone, Just wanted people’s opinions on where scribing experience comes from. I know not all programs accept scribing as PCE, but for the programs that do, what is the opinion on scribe experiences from companies like ProScribe, Scribe America, etc? Or should scribe experience only come from the ED? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi! I am also looking for PAs to shadow in the area. I have a couple lined up eventually, but haven’t set a date yet since they’re so busy. If you’re looking for orthopedics, I would try places like EmergeOrtho or Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic. I know they have a lot of PAs. The difficulty is finding a PA that will allow you to shadow them. I had this issue of trying to find someone because EmergeOrtho requires you to have prior communication with a PA before they allow observation - they won’t set it up for you or anything. Just a thought! Duke’s PA program also helps pre-PA applicants find shadowing opportunities within Duke. I would reach out to them as well! On another note, why did you decide to go back to school for PA when you are a PT? Just want your opinion because for the longest time I thought I wanted to do PT. Now, I feel stronger about PA, but sometimes have the wonder if I’m making the right decision? Good luck!
  5. Hi everyone! I am a recent graduate with a Bachelor's in Exercise and Sport Science. I am planning on applying to PA school next year, but in the meantime, I need to accumulate direct patient care hours. I was recently offered a job with NextStep: " an internationally recognized non-profit that makes life-changing rehab and fitness accessible and affordable to individuals living with paralysis." They focus on activity based therapy, and a majority of it is like physical therapy, with emphasis on neurological training such as locomotor training, FES, etc. As an activity-based trainer, my position would require me to assess patients, come up with a plan of action for patients based on their needs, walk them through it, modify if need, etc. Anyways, I was wondering if y'all would consider this direct patient care? I understand that this is kind of a unique position, and I would need to contact individual programs for approval/denial of experience, but I thought I would still ask. Thank you!
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