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  1. Thank you for the response! I will be waiting patiently for their decision
  2. That is really odd indeed! I haven't received any emails saying my invitation yesterday morning was sent out in error.
  3. I received an email this morning to interview and responded to confirm for January 18th. I received an email from her confirming my acceptance, so hopefully that means the computer problems have been resolved by now!
  4. Just got an invitation to interview! Sorry for being repetitive, but does anyone have information about how many students have been accepted/ whether the class has already been filled? My understanding is that interviews later in the cycle are for the wait list, but I know not every PA program has the same process. Any information would be much appreciated!
  5. I was an early applicant as well. I didn't receive any news about an interview so I reached out to them for clarification regarding the process. The day of or the day after they sent me the email stating I am still being considered. Perhaps reach out to them as well and they might give you an update on the status of your application?
  6. CASPA submitted 8/11 Secondary sumbitted 8/28 I am kicking myself for not submitting earlier. I would definitely recommend submitting earlier rather than later. Some programs don't take date of submission into consideration, but ATSU definitely seems like it does - see my previous comment in this thread about the seats for the incoming class essentially being filled up by mid-November.
  7. I received an invitation yesterday to interview in January! Unfortunately, I have an interview on the same day across the country! I called the PA program to explain my situation, and they were very accommodating. Also, this will be my second time interviewing at Duke. The last time was two years ago. I asked whether I need to bring in new copies of my transcripts, and Wendy said no since she was able to locate them from before. Seeing as how I have transcripts from four colleges/universities, that saves me a lot of running around. I wanted to share in case anyone else finds themselves in the same boat at some point.
  8. CASPA submitted 8/3 and GRE scores ordered 8/2. I got an email earlier today saying my application is awaiting Admissions Committee Review. Does anyone know whether all of the spots for the incoming class have been filled up? Congratulations to everyone who has been accepted!!
  9. Congrats to everyone who has been accepted so far!! I was wondering if there are any current Touro PA students or someone else that might know how many spots in the incoming class are still open (or have an estimate)? I was so impressed with this program when I attended their open house earlier this year in March, but I am just now sending in my supplemental application.
  10. Congratulations to everyone that has been accepted!! I received an invitation to interview earlier today and chose the first available date which was in January. From reading the previous posts in this thread, I am under the impression the late interviews are essentially to be placed on the waitlist since approximately 70 offers have been made as of November 11th (thank you so much for the updates by the way, ecolvard). Is it possible for a current student to weigh in about this? Or someone else that has information? Thank you!

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