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  1. Hey! I don't know of any Facebook page for our class, but we could always make our own group right? Or does it have to be created by the university?
  2. I received an interview for 9/21. Anyone else going to be there that day? Pretty excited and nervous to meet all the staff and go through the MMI, as it's my first time doing an MMI.
  3. The clinical sites can't be found on the website but I've been in contact with the program about that and I have a copy of them here. This is the current list of clinical sites. It may not be the same when the 2019 cohort does our clinical rotations next year. 2-CURRENT CLINICAL SITES.docx
  4. Congrats @summermorse and @jellybeans101, I was also accepted this past Tuesday as well. Looks like we'll be getting to know each other more in the near future if you both ultimately end up at Dominican! GPA: 3.75 GRE: Quant - 154, Verbal - 150, Analytical - 5.0 PCH: ~ 2,800 as a CNA Volunteer: 100 Shadowing: ~ 175 with 2 different PAs Hope this helps and good luck to everyone else!
  5. Got an interview for 7/13, as well! CASPA verified on 6/9. Looking forward to seeing you there @ems94
  6. Hey everyone! Just thought I would start a new thread for this years' application process. Good luck to everyone!
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